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  • Grow easier and with peace of mind
  • Integrate your entire business
  • Reduce carrier costs
  • Manage VIP customers
  • Fine Tune Your Inventory
  • Control your kitting and light manufacturing operations
  • Run the most efficient warehouse
  • Eliminate Mis-picks
  • Pick - Pack and SHIP in a single workflow
  • Reduce your labor
  • Reduce your touches
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Control or eliminate back orders
  • No more out of ostocks
  • Track your performance metrics
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infoplus has native mobile application which is the need of the day. It's navigation is very easy and fast. Setting up multiple warehouses is very easy. Customer facing teams are very easily accessible.
some features need re thinking by the design team. Infoplus continuously improving the solution. Security features need to be more robust.
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20 - 49
Software Advice
We did not have to purchase any additional hardware in order to implement Infoplus in our warehouse. The web interface is fast and intuitive and the mobile apps for Android and iOS allowed us to avoid buying expensive, single purpose scanners. The implementation process not only showed us how to use the product but was also provided great training on industry best practices. Their well-documented RESTful API is feature-rich and has allowed us to quickly build customer-facing services in a fraction of the time it used to and all our systems (manufacturing, accounting, etc.) are now more interconnected than they have ever been. Support has been rock-solid and very responsive.
The product team is constantly improving the system so sometimes the implementation team is a step behind them in understanding and providing instruction on new features. The upfront costs can appear a little higher with Infoplus when compared to other services but when you consider the fact that no specialized hardware is necessary to get up and running it's very competitive. In our experience, their monthly charges are also lower which means savings in the long run. The pricing structure could be a little more transparent.
We've been incredibly happy with our decision to go with Infoplus. Our sales, warehouse, and accounting teams have all benefited in various ways in the ~6 months we've been using it and we continue to find more ways to benefit from all its features.
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100 - 499
Software Advice
The best thing about Infoplus is their support team. I am in marketing and I honestly do not understand Heavy IT stuff but their team made it easy for me. This tool handles our inventory and fulfillment needs perfectly. Real-time tracking is another helpful thing!
I do not have anything bad on my way using it. Once, you get familiar with the tool, you'll eventually learn how to maximize its use and therefore satisfy yourself with the good things it brings.
This is an awesome software!
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