Benefits and Insights

Why use MediaBeacon R3volution?

Key differentiators & advantages of MediaBeacon R3volution

  • Intuitive and open user experience – Bring the desktop experience to the users’ browser. Right clicking, drag-and-drop, key ahead in fields; and all with no browser plug-ins – no security risks.

  • Nimble to your needs – A widget-based portal experience for your media capture, management and publish needs. Plug in the pieces you need and add more when they make sense to you.

  • Video Enabled out-of-the-box – MediaBeacon DAM comes ready to ingest, transcode, render and publish video.

  • Extensible to your future – The ability to configure and add new widgets is easy for any user. Bring in information from other sources to help manage the user experience and asset life cycle. The solution can easily integrate with the other solutions in your enterprise.

  • Complete – Everything is available for all asset types out of the box. MediaBeacon DAM comes with a video transcoder, image libraries, database and application server; making it possible to be up and ready to go quickly and for less money.

  • Search capabilities like no other – Support for simple search, taxonomies, directory, cloud keyword, faceted, visual date, color profile, phonetic for video and text-in-image. No matter the asset type, MediaBeacon brings the most diverse set of search options.

  • Use, reuse and publish everywhere – Download, professionally print, media burning- on-demand, archive and any number of web options (web content manager, video streaming, YouTube, ecommerce, distribution portal or something you haven’t thought of yet) – we are ready.

  • Metadata-Enabled Content – MediaBeacon DAM is the only content manager that supports strongly-attached metadata standards like XMP from ingestion-to-publish. This enables content to be communicated securely and operate in a heterogeneous environment integrated with the data and not the application.