Benefits and Insights

Why use Censhare Digital Asset Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of Censhare Digital Asset Management

  • Manage - censhare helps companies in making optimal use of content, accessing untapped information, controlling processes and harmonizing sequences. 
  • Optimize - censhare supports companies that create contextualized customer experiences and want to implement their communication strategies in the most focused, targeted manner possible. 
  • Engage - Enhanced customer engagement with dynamic and consistent content, products, and customer experiences. In order to address and output to digital and analog touch points, censhare includes online and mobile channels, social media management and an editorial system. 
  • Integrate and Extend - censhare can be easily and seamlessly linked to any corporate software solution, thereby guaranteeing the implementation and enabling of current and future demands and requirements. censhare has been developed with seamless integration in mind and features a multitude of interface technologies as well as pre-defined partnerships with leading applications. 
  • Operate - censhare guarantees the appropriate operating models and options for all customer demands. The censhare cloud solution with Amazon Web Services harnesses the leading cloud computing infrastructure.