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Key differentiators & advantages of CoreCollect

  • Flexible Payment Controls - Hundreds of configurable parameters enable supervisors to develop a broad range of payment variances, multiple grace days and prepayments against promise to pay records recorded in CoreCOLLECT. No changes are made to accounts in the lending system, ensuring correct reporting of delinquency. 
  • Multiple Payment Schedules - Multiple payment schedules can be created on a single account. Each schedule can have a unique frequency, term and payment amount. Users with the appropriate permissions may make modifications. Each promised payment is tracked and marked as “Kept” or “Broken.” 
  • Powerful Queue Assignment Capability - Accounts can be segmented into queues based on the evaluation of almost 50 variables including a variety of balances, dates, past due history, account number ranges and status, product, billing cycle and postal codes. Additional variables are available for segmenting accounts in a charge-off status. 
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