Benefits and Insights


Key differentiators & advantages of CODE GREEN NETWORKS TrueDLP

  • NETWORK DATA LOSS PREVENTION - Whether it’s email, web applications, social media, or traditional data transfer mechanisms such as FTP, Network Data Loss Prevention provides a way to monitor and control network communications to prevent sensitive information from escaping via the network. 
  • DISCOVERY DATA LOSS PREVENTION - Locate, Identify, and Secure Sensitive Data Throughout the Network. TrueDLP Discovery locates, identifies, and secures sensitive data throughout the network, proactively reducing data loss risk while providing visibility and auditing of potentially unsecure information. Detailed audit logging and reports provide administrators and auditors with the information needed to demonstrate compliance, protect confidential information, and reduce data-loss risk. 
  • ENDPOINT DATA LOSS PREVENTION - Content Aware Data Loss Prevention for PCs and Laptops. TrueDLP Endpoint Data Loss Prevention extends powerful data loss protection to PCs and laptops, providing visibility and control over sensitive information being copied to removable media or sent over wireless connections. 
  • CLOUD DATA LOSS PREVENTION Code - Green Networks Cloud DLP allows organizations to adopt cloud storage without giving up visibility and control required by today’s regulatory environment. All files uploaded to an enterprise’s cloud can be scanned for confidential or sensitive information and remediation can be automatically applied.