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The most difficult part of making sales is converting someone into a customer. Once a person has already purchased from you, it’s much easier to get another sale out of them in the future.

Neglecting customer retention is a huge mistake some business executives make. The question “Why use a CRM?” is simply answered as taking care of the customers you already have is important for growth. Naturally, this isn’t enough information to make the decision to use customer relationship management, so here is a list of seven powerful CRM benefits:

#1 Empower Mobile Sales Team

CRM empowers your mobile sales team because it helps them log calls, close deals, and remember to get back to everyone in a timely manner. Customer relationship management detects mobile trends among your customers as well. This information can be used to improve relationships with customers.

#2 Sales Force and Marketing Automation

The more automation, the better. Automation allows you to spend more time on other critical tasks. Customer relationship management creates greater sales force and marketing automation. Examples of such automation include tracking customer history, analyzing sales promotions, and coordinating marketing and sales.

#3 Better Sales Forecasting

CRM delivers better sales forecasting. Customer billing history, behavior, and other crucial information is diligently recorded in order to provide better sales forecasts. With more accurate forecasts comes more sales.

#4 Sales Pipeline Management

Customer relationship management software helps with sales pipeline management to improve your plan and efficiency. Each step of the sales pipeline can be analyzed by CRM software. Sales pipeline management is made easier by CRM, so you don’t have to work so hard to find leads and struggle with generating a sales forecast.

#5 Your Memory Can’t Keep Up with All Clients

Relying on your memory to keep up with clients isn’t a good idea because you’ll either remember something wrong, associate a fact with another client without realizing it, or forget important details. Sometimes you will sit at your desk for minutes racking your brain in an attempt to remember a certain detail. Numerous studies have shown that human memories are usually not as keen as people think they are. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to record data with a customer relationship management software to avoid losing important pieces of the puzzle.

#6 Inter-Office Competitions to Boost Overall Productivity

Some customer relationship management software have a leader board feature, which can be used to hold friendly competitions within the company. Competition ideas include who can carry on the most conversations with customers, who can sell the highest dollar amount, and who can close the most deals.

#7 Communication About Customers is Centralized

Another reason to use CRM is communication about customers is centralized with the software. The problem with using email to communicate with all employees is some emails get lost or a person forgets to include an individual when sending the email. Customer relationship management software stores the information in one place that all employees can access and use to communicate with each other.

#8 CRM Software Increases Customer Retention and Streamlines Many Sales Processes

Why use CRM software? Other companies and executives who ARE using it will have an advantage over you. Customer retention is achieved at a greater success rate when you use customer relationship management. Empowering your mobile sales team, automating sales and marketing, providing better sales forecasts, and centralizing communication about customers are just some of the many powerful CRM benefits that make this software a must.

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  • Sachin Bhatia - December 14, 2015 reply

    Hey Michael,

    Good points, smartly put together 🙂
    CRM with a great inbound marketing software can enable you with social selling. Social Selling has become an integral part of any sales person these days and I just felt you missed onto that point.

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