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CRM platforms are becoming commonplace amongst businesses large, small and everywhere in between. CRM features including lead/customer management, marketing/sales reporting and automation add tremendous efficiencies to your operations. More money is made and saved.

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Because of these critical operational and financial improvements, there is no wonder that CRM technology is currently the fastest growing enterprise-level software technology. Few debate that CRM is an essential platform for any and all businesses.

Without CRM software in place, customer relationship management/automation is a mess with employees wading through a sea of spreadsheets and emails, along with excessive manual interactions required. Further, many organizations rely on the in-depth reporting also available within CRM. Not having that easily accessible intel makes business analysis and forecasting substantially more difficult and time-consuming.

As it’s clear that most businesses need CRM and many are planning to deploy one in the next few years, marketing and sales teams are seeking top CRM recommendations. However, before organizations get too deep into evaluating specific vendors, our expert technologists at SelectHub recommend understanding the full landscape of CRM requirements and features.

In the category of CRM technology, most everyone knows about Salesforce and also likely know of Microsoft Dynamics. However, there are hundreds of softwares that have been categorized as a CRM platform including NetSuite, SugarCRM and Sage.

Top CRM Recommendations

CRM Leaderboard preview

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We’ve combed through these hundreds of CRM solutions to analyze the top 20% to help provide organizations the top CRM recommendations. We’ve reviewed these 70+ solutions against a comprehensive CRM requirements checklist to rate and rank the best.

From months of research and data analysis, SelectHub has compiled a CRM leaderboard evaluating different platforms across more than 20 main requirements.

Within SelectHub’s CRM leaderboard, you’ll find a list of top CRM recommendations including known leaders as well as lesser known CRM platforms that stack up against the best.

To see SelectHub’s full CRM leaderboard, click the image below to unlock the leaderboard:

The top CRMs in the SelectHub leaderboard all come highly recommended. Each has a strong set of features that match most organizations requirements as well as many positive user/customer reviews.

You can also create your own custom CRM leaderboard by joining the SelectHub platform, selecting and shortlisting the platforms you want to evaluate. Not only will you be able to shortlist and compare, you can manage requirements, RFPs and more directly through SelectHub. Click here to try it out.

Compare CRM Pricing & Costs with our Pricing Guide
SelectHubTop CRM Recommendations and Analysis


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