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CRM software is a marketer thing — or is it? This common misconception is two things: not true, and hurting your business. That being said, not all CRMs are equally useful to your sales reps as they are to your marketing teams. So we compiled a list of the best sales CRM software to help you make informed decisions that will help you make your customers, sales teams and marketing one big happy family.

What is CRM in sales? Sales teams need specific things from a CRM. While business intelligence features are very helpful to marketers, a sales rep doesn’t need or care about it in the same day-to-day way. Sales reps needs focus around several key features: contact management, lead and pipeline tracking, and deal management. If you take care of your sales reps, they’re going to take care of your business, so seeking out a CRM that performs well in these areas is definitely in your best interest.

Here are the best CRM software for sales teams:

Infor CRM 

Infor CRM supports the automation of opportunity creation and helps sales representatives streamline moving opportunities through the sales process. It does this via a system of triggers and business logic unique to a customer’s deployment capabilities. Within Infor CRM, each opportunity can be associated to a sales process.

Each stage in the process is associated with a probability that the opportunity will result in a sale. As the opportunity progresses through the process, it contributes a higher value to the sales forecast. Managers have the ability to review the probabilities assigned to each opportunity and to adjust them as needed. They also have the ability to exclude an opportunity from the forecast.

Infor CRM lets reps create new contacts or import them from an ERP or Microsoft Office and store them in one location within the CRM sales software. All contacts are automatically updated with contact history such as last phone calls, past activities, previous communication and all key information about the prospect or customer. This enables sales reps to look up all the required information from one interface.

Infor’s opportunity management module

Infor CRM comes with an inbuilt logical calendar which allows users to schedule, accept, decline or delete meetings. It is synced with Microsoft Outlook on a real-time basis to keep all parties up to date. Sales teams can send meeting invites to prospects and get alerts for upcoming meetings, allowing users to utilize the native features of their mobile app to help them navigate to the meeting location.

Infor CRM allows sales teams to assign leads automatically with its dynamic business rule to ensure leads are not missed at any stage. It allocates hot leads to the appropriate salesperson and assigns and tracks follow-up activities. Sales reps can track leads at every stage, from prospect through closed sale and all phases in between.

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NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite’s sales force automation features power sales organizations with integrated sales processes for opportunity, upsell and quote management. This sales CRM solution includes modules for sales forecasting, order management, fulfillment and sales commission. NetSuite CRM+ provides contact management to keep all relevant contact information in one accessible, updateable location.

NetSuite CRM+ provides full control over every element of the partnering process, including joint marketing campaigns, lead management, pipeline management, order processing, and commissions and royalties. NetSuite CRM+ enables partners to register and track their leads. It also provides managers with a complete view of all leads and opportunities in the pipeline.

NetSuite’s comprehensive sales CRM systems dashboard

NetSuite CRM+ equips the sales team with an accurate record of each opportunity. Its comprehensive contact and activity management ensures sales has the tools needed to capture detailed records of all interactions including calls, scheduling meetings, email and more.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Sage CRM 

Sage CRM allows users to manage sales opportunities from first contact to final closure. Sales representatives can manage leads seamlessly to conversion using workflow features. This CRM for sales ensures the most qualified sales representatives handle each opportunity. Reps will close faster using this platform’s Quick Sale Workflow.

Sage CRM makes it as easy as possible to manage customer relationships by organizing all your contacts in a single place. Salespeople can provide better customer service and generate leads through a variety of channels. This CRM ensures employees act in compliance with corporate goals, which makes it easy to track and measure progress monthly, quarterly and annually.

Sage CRM’s opportunity management interface

This CRM sales platform keeps track of the source of leads with powerful reporting tools and assigns leads to sales professionals using automated workflows. Sales teams can stay on top of tasks and appointments with the help of appointment and task scheduling in Sage CRM.

Sage CRM provides users and sales teams with the tools and information needed to close faster and monitor performance. It puts detailed account and pipeline information at a user’s fingertips and helps manage every aspect of the process more effectively, from initial lead through closing.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics offers a variety of opportunity management features. Users can create a new opportunity to monitor an inquiry from existing customers or convert a qualified lead into an opportunity. Salespeople can use these opportunities to keep track of the sales engagements they are currently working on. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provides contact management that includes features such as importing outlook contact data, creating and editing contacts, and importing contacts from a .csv file.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows sales teams to create and edit appointments. The solution blocks out a time to meet or talk to customers. Users can modify any of the information in an open appointment. If there is a change in the date or time of the appointment, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will recheck for schedule conflicts.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s sales dashboard

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps automatically deliver the right lead to the right person according to product, territory, dollar amount or any other criteria based on workflow rules defined by the user. Sales and customer service teams can keep track of customer requests and issues by creating support cases. When a customer contacts support with a question or problem, users can quickly check if there is an existing case or open a new case and start tracking the issue.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides deep reporting and analysis capabilities to track response rates, measure interest levels and monitor costs for every campaign and activity in real time. The solution also provides a closed-loop campaign execution by tracking responses to every campaign activity. Users can convert email responses to leads or opportunities and qualify those leads. It also provides an intuitive pipeline for tracking relationships between customers, prospects, influencers and suppliers to uncover new opportunities.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce CRM tracks all upcoming sales opportunities and alerts the sales team to potential markets through a single business CRM sales app. This sales CRM software provides contact management to get a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications and internal account discussions. Salesforce Sales Cloud’s contact management also pulls up customers activity on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to get a sense of what customers are saying about products or services.

Salesforce Sales Cloud’s customer service and case management dashboard

Salesforce allows users to create goals that are tied directly to Salesforce reports. This makes it easy to track and measure progress over the month, quarter and year. This CRM sales force solution uses the SUMO scheduling platform to automate the appointment scheduling process. SUMO triggers email, text message and voice reminders to keep sales professionals on schedule.

Salesforce provides features to route and assign leads to the right people which involves setting up automatic lead scoring and routing. This ensures leads never fall through the cracks and the right sales reps follow up on leads while they’re hot.

Salesforce also offers options to track deals with critical details about each deal such as how much it’s worth, who you’re competing against and what stage the deal is in. Users can follow the Chatter feed to receive automatic deal updates and track all associated activities as they happen.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size SuitabilityM L


SugarCRM tracks all opportunity-related data including decision makers, customer communications and any other information unique to a company’s sales process all in one place.

SugarCRM provides Sugar Contact Management which consolidates contacts into a single location and associates accounts with sales opportunities, account information and customer case information. This CRM for sales teams allows them to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Excel and CSV formats. SugarCRM’s de-duplication technology ensures companies have a clean, consistent view of customers and relationships.

SugarCRM’s pipeline management dashboard

SugarCRM quickly assigns leads to an appropriate rep so sales teams are able to follow up efficiently. It also helps salespeople schedule meetings with other users, contacts and leads. Users can create a note or add attachments before or after a meeting occurs.

SugarCRM provides pipelines to track deals and to sell on time with real-time, personalized access to every deal in the pipeline. Pipelines are used to track early indicators and changes so a user can stay ahead of the forecast, spend time where it counts and meet sales targets.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: S M L


InfusionSoft CRM provides opportunity management and displays all the opportunities available in the pipeline in an intuitive interface. This CRM stores and manages all contacts in one place capturing demographic, geographic, behavioral and transactional information of all individual contacts and opportunities. This lets sales reps segment these opportunities within the system. The solution also attaches communications, orders and activity history to each contact record, enabling managers to get real-time status of the prospect.

Infusionsoft’s AppointmentCore allows users to schedule meetings with customers and prospects by displaying available time slots to both parties, creating the appointment and emailing all parties the meeting information automatically. If a customer schedules a meeting with AppointmentCore, the meeting is added to Infusionsoft, and due to its integration with Google Calendar and Outlook, the appointment can be accessed from any of these calendars. Salespeople will never have to manually manage their appointments with clients again!

Infusionsoft also allows sales managers to track goals against the set targets by highlighting the following metrics through its reporting and analytical tool:

  • Sales reporting (revenue, pipelines and goals)
  • Campaign reporting (email, landing pages, lead sources)
  • Customer reporting (buying patterns, demographics/firmographics, profitability)

These metrics help managers get detailed insight into sales performance, both individually and at large.

Infusionsoft’s opportunity management module

Infusionsoft automatically scores leads based on the following criteria:

  • Tags applied
  • Webforms submitted
  • Links clicked
  • Emails opened

On the basis of each prospect’s score, Infusionsoft can automatically push the leads into a pre-determined and defined sales bucket and/or assign it to a rep. This sales team software also allows them to track deals through websites with their web analytics and tracking tool. Sales teams can get customer details through Infusionsoft enabling them to start nurturing campaigns based on the prospect’s behavior.

Price: $$$$$

Company Size Suitability: M L  

Final Thoughts

Every sales CRM tool offers different modules and features, but these consistently perform well for the features that sales teams need. If you’re still not sure, make sure to check out our CRM comparison report and our sales force automation report to get a better idea for where the best CRM for sales teams stand in relation to each other.

What features and functions are most important to your sales team? Do you agree with our choices for best sales CRM software? Give us your thoughts in the comments regarding what you think is the best CRM for sales reps!

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