11 Questions to Ask During a CRM Demo


Without customers, a business is just an idea. Success can’t even begin without dedicated clients. Many companies are turning to customer relationship management (CRM) software to develop and maintain steadfast relationships with their customers. CRM software is available for any sized business, from a small mom-and-pop shop to a large corporation. With so many options available, deciding on the right software can be difficult.

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Below is a checklist of what you should look for during a CRM demo to ensure that the software can be tailored to the specific needs of your company.

1. What are the sales managing capabilities of the software?

Sales isn’t just about face-to-face interaction anymore. Customers are plugged in and educating themselves on their own. An effective CRM will track sales opportunities, from lead acquisition to proposal delivery, and will help your sales team coordinate with other colleagues essential to the business flow.

2. How will it integrate with my marketing automation platform?

Leads don’t have much value if you can’t apply your marketing to them. Make sure a CRM will synchronize seamlessly with your marketing campaigns, email actions and activity streams so it can deliver its full potential.

3. Can you show me how the customer database works?

During a CRM demo, ask to see how the customer database is organized. You should be able to easily filter information and assign customers to different stages of the acquisition process.

4. Tell me about the CRM’s activity management.

The most useful CRM will coordinate with your physical activities, like appointments and tasks with deadlines that are linked to the progress of your marketing campaigns.

5. What types of reporting does the CRM offer?

The best CRM for your company will include comprehensive reporting functionality. You should also be able to
create your own reports based on your particular needs.

6. Does the CRM have business intelligence features?

The most effective CRM will provide analytics that keep track of the results of your actions. The better you can monitor customer satisfaction the more meticulously you can tailor your marketing and sales processes.

7. Will I be able to actively support my customers?

Email and chat support capabilities allow your team to offer real-time support to ensure that customers stick with you.

8. What kind of security does the software have?

Make sure you ask if you can set different levels of user access and if the software is encrypted to prevent hackers from accessing private company information.

9. How does the CRM integrate with social media?

Your customers are connecting and creating relationships online, so you should be able to access them where they’re available by integrating the CRM with common social media platforms.

10. What kind of support and maintenance is offered?

Don’t leave your team in the lurch. Make sure your employees can easily get help when they need it, and ensure that you can receive crucial upgrades and maintenance as they’re needed.

11. Is the CRM scalable?

In a CRM demo, it’s important to ask if the software is scalable. Check out how much storage the CRM has and how many records it allows. Ensure that you won’t experience data loss if you upgrade as your company grows.

A CRM can be a great benefit to your company’s acquisition and customer development procedures. However, if a CRM doesn’t have the capabilities your company needs, it may just be a waste of time and training. A valuable demo will help you find the best software for you and make sure all your employees know how to use it for maximum productivity.

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SelectHub11 Questions to Ask During a CRM Demo


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