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Benefits and Insights

Why use Zuora?

Key differentiators & advantages of Zuora

  • Increased Productivity: Zuora can increase business productivity by automating financial tasks such as proration calculation. It also centralizes financial management tools in one location, providing greater workflow visibility and easier access to data. 
  • Data Consolidation: By implementing this system, businesses can ensure that all financial information is located in a single area. This data repository can be leveraged to develop actionable insights related to finances that could, in turn, lead to an increase in revenue and a reduction in communication errors. 
  • Relationship Management: This tool allows users to maintain beneficial customer relationships by consolidating recurring invoices, billing and payment terms to adhere to customer preferences. 
  • Metric Visualization: Zuora provides its users with a variety of data visualizations to make the process of acting on insights faster and more efficient. The program includes the ability to generate custom reports so that users can obtain the most relevant information for their end-goals. 

Industry Expertise

Zuora is made specifically for businesses that offer subscription services or products. The solution is especially beneficial for companies in the communications, media, education, healthcare, IoT and B2C sectors.

Key Features

  • Product Catalog: The product catalog enables users to price and package items quickly and efficiently. If a change needs to be made to pricing or packaging, alterations can be done without any re-coding in the backend of the system. The program contains more than 40 charge models, including per-unit pricing, flat-fee pricing and volume pricing. When and how clients are billed can also be altered in the system. 
  • Subscription Order Management: Zuora is especially beneficial for companies that have subscription-based business models. The system enables users to visualize customer subscription information such as the plan that they’re on, when they signed up, when their last payment was, and if they’ve upgraded or paused their subscription. The program can also handle complex orders such as multi-year ramp deals while also providing visualization of key metrics. 
  • Rating and Billing: Zuora rates charges in real time, whether they are recurring or ad hoc. The system’s Rating Engine can automatically calculate prorations to ensure that invoices are always accurate. Notifications can also be enabled in the solution to help customers avoid any overage. 
  • Global Payments: The system supports payment in more than 180 currencies, making financial management easier for international businesses. It also contains FX conversion rates and gain-loss reporting capabilities. The program has more than 30 pre-integrated payment gateways and supports more than 20 payment methods through its Global Payment Engine. 
  • Key Subscription Metrics: Zuora contains a Subscription Metrics Engine that enables users to access metrics for relevant items such as billings, cash, key orders and revenue. It offers Total Contracted Billing (TCB), Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Total Contracted Value (TCV) information. The program contains a pre-built report library with more than 40 included reports, automated report runs and drag-and-drop fields to develop custom reports. 
  • Subscription Accounting: This system enables users to map accounting periods and chart of accounts to the general ledger. It offers summary-level and transaction-level integration. The program also helps to ensure that compliance requirements are met by providing application control capabilities, audit trails and annual SOC certifications. 

Zuora Suite Support

Zuora offers a variety of support options to its subscribers. In-person and online courses are available so that users can gain more knowledge about the functionality of the program on their own terms.

mail_outlineEmail: Subscribers can email support representatives for technical issues.
phonePhone: Global headquarters is located in San Mateo, California, and can be reached at 1-800-425-1281.
schoolTraining: Zuora offers courses for its users to learn more about the program. Video courses, in-person classes and self-paced learning are available. Some of the online course topics include subscription business concepts, pricing and quote management.
local_offerTickets: Tickets can be submitted via email. Users should include information such as their tenant ID and environment, a detailed problem statement, and API details to improve the likelihood of a speedy resolution.