Benefits and Insights

Why use Zendesk Sell?

Key differentiators & advantages of Zendesk Sell

  • Complete Organizational Visibility:  Zendesk Sell offers complete visibility into sales, marketing and customer support departments, giving users real-time updates on priority tasks, performance and progress. 
  • Better Productivity:  With sales and communication automation and a central system to keep track of sales, marketing and customer support activities, users can improve their efficiency and productivity. 
  • Improved Customer Relationships:  Centralized contacts and interaction histories and live chat support functionality helps users reduce their response time to customers and provide better customer services. 
  • Mobile Access:  Zendesk Sell can be operated through iOS and Android devices, making it possible for users to manage work updates on the move. 

Industry Expertise

Zendesk Sell is in use by all industry verticals, ranging from start-ups and SMBs to large enterprises. Their solutions can boost productivity by up to 20% and come with accessible pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. Zendesk Sell currently supports over 125,000 paid customer accounts.

Key Features

  • Database Management:  Zendesk Sell saves contacts and lead data in a simplified visual manner. Users can also import and export data sets, use advanced search and filtering options and segment data on custom parameters for better targeting.  
  • Opportunity Management:  Users can manage opportunities with layered segmentation based on filters like demographic, deal size, rate of engagement and more. Leads are also scored to predict their probability of conversion, helping users focus their efforts on closing deals faster. 
  • Pipeline Management:  The platform offers a visual representation of the sales pipeline, with details like the number of leads across each stage in the buyer journey, the deal size, estimated revenue, current revenue, number of deals won and more. 
  • Quota Management:  Managers can view lead quotas assigned to each team member and their progress toward goal. They can also assign leads to the team members on a round-robin basis or on rule-based engines to match each lead’s best fit. 
  • Activity Tracking:  Zendesk Sell offers activity tracking and calendar integration so that important tasks like calls, meetings, appointments and scheduled communications are copied to the calendar with timely reminders. Managers can also set up tasks and goals for team members, track their progress against deadlines and follow up on subsequent actions when required. 
  • Performance Management:  Managers can track all team members’ performance against goals, deadlines and assigned leads. 
  • Collaboration Management:  Zendesk Sell helps teammates and team leaders collaborate on projects through tagging and sharing contacts, templates, documents and notes. 
  • Document Management:  Users can store, organize and share documents in various formats such as texts, presentations, images and audio with other team members. 
  • Workflow Management:  Users can standardize their sales process and automate parts of it through rule-based engines that initiate event-triggered actions. This helps the salesperson focus on closing the deal rather than managing data and scheduling communication manually. 
  • Call Management:  Users can call leads and prospects using an automatic dialer. The software also enables call scripting and records calls for further analysis and iterations. 
  • Chat and Training Support:  Zendesk Sell offers a chat portal to help users resolve customer queries. Users can also create a knowledge bank for their customers with frequently asked questions, video tutorials, presentations and supporting documents. 
  • Email Marketing:  Users can sync their existing email accounts with Zendesk Sell to send targeted and personalized emails to their clients. With pre-built templates to cater to contacts across the buyer journey and retention cycle, email tracking for open-rate, click-rate and response-rate and detailed reports for mass mailing campaigns, Zendesk Sell offers full email marketing support to its users. 
  • Custom Forms:  Zendesk Sell offers customizable web forms that can be integrated into the website, landing pages and social media campaigns for customer surveys and lead generation. 
  • FEATURE: Sales Forecasting: The platform provides detailed insights on current and past sales trends and key metrics and uses predictive analysis to forecast current versus expected revenue. 
  • Reporting and Statistics:  Zendesk Sell offers various reports on funnel movement, employee activity and performance management, sales performance and marketing effectiveness. These reports can be further customized to parameters like date ranges, sales rep, source and more. 
  • Dashboard:  Zendesk Sell has a visual dashboard depicting all key metrics with accessible drag-and-drop features. Users can customize the way their dashboard looks and prioritize to-do lists, sales pipeline, performance charts and more as per their requirements. 
  • User Management:  Admins and managers can prepare an organizational chart, share it and grant role-based access to users. 
  • Offline Access:  Zendesk Sell offers limited offline access so that users can view all details, update progress against their task lists and attach notes and documents. Changes are synced to the platform once the network is connected again. 


This review is current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Limited third-party integrations 
  •  Customer support is slow to respond 
  •  The software takes a long time to load 
  •  Bulk emails are limited to 300 addresses per batch 
  •  It has a steep learning curve and tedious onboarding process 

Zendesk Sell Suite Support

Zendesk Sell offers 24/7 support to its users via email, phone and chat portal.
mail_outlineEmail: Support email address is hidden behind a customer login.
phonePhone: Phone numbers for reaching out to support experts in various countries are hidden behind a customer login.
schoolTraining: Zendesk Sell has documentation, video tutorials and webinars for training and onboarding. Users can also request in-person training.
local_offerTickets: Users are requested to use the readily available resources on the website and community group to address their queries. However, they can also submit a ticket through the software’s customer support chat window.
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