Benefits and Insights

Why use Wise Agent?

Key differentiators & advantages of Wise Agent

  • Affordable Solution:  Starting at $29 per month for up to five users, it is one of the most cost-efficient solutions available in the market for real estate professionals. 
  • Seamless Operations:  Manage end-to-end business operations from lead automation and sales and marketing to appointments, activities and transactions. 
  • Reliable Customer Support:  Leverage 24/7 customer support for all concerns, issues and queries. 
  • Enhanced Client Communication:  Enable online and offline marketing communications, activate all touchpoints, improve interaction rates and increase the chances of closing a deal. 
  • Integrations:  Integrates with over 50 partners to address all business needs and ensure seamless operations. 

Industry Expertise

Built for the real estate industry, Wise Agent can be used by solo agents and brokers to small- and mid-sized to enterprise-level agencies in the US. With thousands of users, it meets the end-to-end needs of real estate professionals.

Key Features

  • Contact Management:  Import and export contact data files. Organize, segment, and filter contacts using many unique fields such as rank, status, additional addresses, spouse info, children’s info, pets’ info and more. Track referrals and share single or multiple contacts via vCards with other teammates. 
  • Call Lists:  Get automatically populated call lists, along with Mojo auto dialler system integration, contact information, interaction history and notes for enhanced communication. Track, log and record calls for better performance. 
  • Lead Automation:  Capture leads from different sources and set up rule-based lead distribution. Set up unique automated workflows and drip campaigns for leads from different sources. Pre-categorize incoming leads based on unique filters and send personalized and custom messaging. Include emails, phone calls, text messages, and embedded videos in your communication. 
  • Property Management:  Map out, list, categorize and manage properties, maintain property notes and documents and schedule tours and appointments. Offer 360-degree virtual reality tours through immoviewer integration in 3D. 
  • Document Management:  Get unlimited cloud storage for important documents such as property images, videos, client contracts, transaction receipts and more. Supports multiple formats. 
  • Transaction Management:  Manage transactions, along with a detailed checklist to track actions, critical dates, notes, documents, individuals or companies associated with the transaction. Easily manage e-signatures through DocuSign integration. Track sales progress through one-click access to current transactions. Track sales goals, actuals sales and commissions centrally. 
  • Email Marketing:  Track Gmail conversations directly through the Chrome Gmail extension. Set up email marketing campaigns, rule-based drip campaigns for various lead and pipeline segments. Use pre-built templates to send mass emails and newsletters. Attach videos through YouTube integration. 
  • Landing Pages:  Create landing pages for campaigns and individual properties using pre-built templates. Choose your own domains to host, or use the one assigned by the system. Track conversions easily.  
  • Campaign Management:  Create drip campaigns and manage long-term nurturing campaigns to improve customer loyalty and win more deals. Set-up rules for personalized and customized communication through various channels for various lead sources and different pipeline stages. Get notifications for manual intervention, when needed. Manage flyers, letters and printing for offline communication channels. 
  • Social Listening:  Track social media profiles of your contacts for profile enhancement. Utilize Twitter Feed Reader for better engagement. Follow real estate news and RSS blog feeds to stay updated on current market trends and developments and stay relevant to your clients. 
  • Calendar Management:  Manage to-do lists, goals, deadlines, appointments and activities. Attach notes for additional information. Sync with Google Calendar to get timely reminders. 
  • Performance Management:  Set goals and tasks for individual members, teams and organizations. Track progress in a timely manner to improve performance. 
  • User Permissions:  Control user access to important data such as contacts, properties, leads, activities and calendar, as per role and designation. 
  • Reports:  Track operations through detailed reports on contacts, call lists, campaigns, transactions, performance and more. Build custom reports using filters and segmentation. Download reports in sharable formats.  


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Native mobile apps are not available 
  •  Web mobile apps have a clunky user interface 
  •  Marketing drip campaigns are not easy to configure 
  •  Limited number of daily outgoing emails 

Wise Agent Suite Support

Wise Agent offers 24/7 support to its users via mail, phone and chat support system.
mail_outlineEmail: Support experts can be reached through email at [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can call support experts at +1-480-836-0345.
schoolTraining: Training and onboarding support is available through documentation, webinars, live walk-throughs and in-person assistance.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a ticket by using the live chat support desk. The tickets are resolved in priority order.
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