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Why use Top Producer?

Key differentiators & advantages of Top Producer

  • Easily Create a Website: Top Producer takes the hassle out of creating an agent website with prebuilt designs, easy-to-use tools and an intuitive interface. 
  • Receive Real-Time Engagement Guidance: You can ensure leads don’t fall through the cracks by following up promptly. 
  • Keep Clients Informed of Market Changes: Top Producer’s connection with MLS sources lets you stay on top of the latest price reductions, new job listings and sold properties. 
  • Drive More Leads: You can increase the number of leads in your system by integrating Zapier to automatically import leads generated from Google forms, Facebook ads and other sources outside the CRM. 
  • Obtain Free Assistance: The support team provides coaching, and if needed, they will help you set up your website. 

Industry Expertise

Top Producer has been delivering CRM capabilities for customers in the real estate sector since 1982.

Key Features

Top Producer offers several solutions that deliver a range of capabilities based on your needs. The lists below highlight the key features of each solution based on SelectHub analyst review.

Top Producer CRM

  • Database: This feature keeps your contacts organized and makes it easy to track down information with rich profiles that give you a complete view of each lead, including a history of interactions. It also simplifies data entry by offering import and export options that retain tags and notes attached to the contact. 
  • Follow Up Coach: This feature streamlines the follow-up process with real-time reminders to contact leads. It also recommends discussion topics and suggests the best time to reach out. 
  • Email Marketing: You can increase open and click-through rates with prebuilt templates and performance insights. 
  • Mobility: A responsive design for mobile and tablets increases productivity with the option to access the system no matter where you are or what device you’re using. 
  • Communication Tools: You can connect with leads more effectively by sending relevant messages based on their stage. You can also use your email and text apps while working in the CRM system. 

Market Snapshot

  • MLS Data: The information updates every 15 minutes so you can keep clients informed of the latest listing developments and better meet their needs. 
  • Neighborhood Reports: Offering detailed reports to clients makes them more likely to research with your agency rather than a competitor. This feature lets visitors search for homes, view listing details, receive local news, access information about the community and see street views via satellite imagery, all from any browser or device. They can also chat with you if they have questions. 
  • Client Insights: With the ability to track how clients interact with the reports you send, you can spend time contacting warm leads. The features include a record of views, interest levels and the number of opens for Market Snapshot. All this data is packaged in weekly reports for easy tracking. 

Website Creation

  • Landing Pages and Forms: You can generate leads by building landing pages or inserting forms onto your site where visitors can request a showing or ask for a market report. 
  • User-Friendly Design Tools: You can create a website even without technical expertise. The platform includes an image carousel, an IDX feed, blog integration and a calendar. You can also show your listings by connecting with your MLS. 


  • Lead Response: You can ensure every lead is handled as soon as it enters the system with automated texts and emails, lead assignment, and notifications that alert you once a team member claims the lead. 
  • Collaboration Tools: The platform facilitates working with a team, giving you the ability to create teams, let everyone know when a new lead comes in and send leads to a specific team if needed. 
  • Lead Management: This feature makes it easier to track and manage your leads, no matter where they originate. It aggregates your leads into one location from over 100 sources (including Zillow and, connects with Gmail, and provides single-click exporting to a CSV file or the CRM. It also offers a dashboard and lead stats for staying on top of critical details. 


It’s always good to keep a product’s drawbacks in mind. Here are some disadvantages of Top Producer:

  • Doesn’t provide inbound or outbound calling capability
  • No free trial available, which is offered by competitors like Wise Agent and Follow Up Boss

Top Producer Suite Support

The Top Producer site offers a support section, including extensive product support, a user community and a searchable knowledgebase of help articles. Users can also visit the “News & Updates” hub for feature updates, user advice, product tips, videos, events and strategy tips. There’s also a Facebook group where users can find product updates and live webinars.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can receive assistance by emailing [email protected] Live chat is also offered. Support hours are Mon. – Fri., 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST.
phonePhone: Support agents can be reached by phone at 1 (800) 830-8300. Support hours are Mon. – Fri., 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST.
schoolTraining: Product training is delivered via video tutorials and recorded webinars. The tutorials cover Top Producer CRM, Market Snapshot and website setup. Customers also receive a coaching call and a dedicated support agent who helps with setup, along with two check-ins during the first month.
local_offerTickets: No ticketing system is mentioned.

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