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  • Application A collection of components such as tabs, icon sections, dashboards, and visual pages. In other words, application is an entire system you work with.
  • My Account Each paid or trial customer has its own access to Teamgate application by using special URL address -“Your Account.” 
  • User / License User is a person who has access to your Teamgate account. One user is equal to one license. - Trial It is an access to your demo Account for a limited time period with an unlimited amount of users. 
  • SaaS Software delivered not by traditional means (such as on disk) but in the cloud, as a service. There is nothing to download or install, it updates automatically. 
  • Subscription Regular payment per selected period of time for using your Account. Subscription fee is calculated per active amount of users. 
  • Release Teamgate releases new features at least once per month. You can find release notes in our “Support Section“ in our application. 
  • Teamgate Meaning the name of the cloud computing CRM service and the company name. 
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