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Why use Streak CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Streak CRM

  • Eliminates Screen Switching: Because Streak is built into Gmail, you can perform tasks and view information in the same place. This ease of access removes the need to continually toggle back and forth between your CRM and other applications, which can save time and help you be more productive. 
  • Offers User-Friendly Experience: Streak relies on integrations with popular tools that make it easy to use. Configuring settings, adding and editing elements, and other actions are intuitive and easy to accomplish. For example, you can add existing data by uploading a CSV or using the Google Sheets integration. 
  • Makes Work More Convenient: The app is integrated with the entire G Suite (Sheets, Drive, Chat, etc.) so you can use the apps you’re already familiar with. You can leverage its connection with Zapier to expand your options to over 1,000 additional apps. You can also use the open API to integrate with other internal systems or build your own integrations. 
  • Enables Seamless Collaboration: The solution lets teams share key information like tasks, notes, call logs and emails, so everyone’s on the same page and acting in the most up-to-date context. 
  • Helps You Stay on Top of Tasks: The Streak Upcoming feature provides a visual list of tasks, centralized into a single view. The tasks are arranged according to when they’re due, but you can filter them based on the pipeline they’re in or the person they’re assigned to. Streak Upcoming renders as a sidebar alongside your inbox, pipeline or box, so all tasks are easily accessible. 
  • Provides On-the-Go Access: Streak has a native mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. Users can access tasks, view pipelines, automatically log calls and add pipeline contacts to their phones. 
  • Scales as You Grow: The platform’s Pro features offer the functionality needed to support your company’s growth. They include custom permissions, multi-team capability, data validation and reporting tools. 
  • Includes Robust Security: Data is stored on the Google Cloud Platform, providing the same level of security and infrastructure as other Google products. Each new version of the app itself undergoes a rigorous review process from the Google Chrome team to ensure developer compliance. 

Industry Expertise

Streak boasts a 4.5-star rating on the Google Chrome store and serves nearly 750,000 users. It’s used by individuals as well as companies across all industries. Clients include Uber, Keller Williams, TechStars, Lyft, Blue Apron, Opendoor, WeWork and The Economist.

Key Features

  • Pipelines: Streak CRM lets you create an unlimited number of pipelines, and with a Professional or Enterprise plan, you can also create unlimited rows (called items) within each pipeline. Filters, groups, sorting and search features let you configure pipelines based on the view you need and then save that view to share with team members. You can also link related pipeline items for quick navigation between the two. 
  • Boxes: Each box represents a contact, lead or whatever else you want to track. They act as the building blocks of your pipeline and are what you move through the stages. Boxes can contain information like emails, contacts, comments, notes, tasks, file attachments, data fields and more. 
  • Customizable Workflows: The software allows you to configure your workflow to fit your processes. You can add, delete or move pipeline stages, as well as color-code them for easy tracking. 
  • Alerts: The view tracking feature sends a notification when a recipient reads your message. You can sort emails in your Sent folder based on whether they’ve been viewed or not, so it’s clear which contacts require follow-up. 
  • Mail Merge: If you need to send mass emails that include personalization, this feature has the necessary capabilities. You can pull data from your pipeline to personalize elements like company info or recipient name. The preview mode lets you proof emails before sending. 
  • Send Later: You can schedule emails to send at a predetermined time and edit or cancel them from the draft view. 
  • Snippets: With this feature, which acts as a template, you can create a library of most-used emails to reuse whenever needed. Shortcuts allow you to insert the content quickly. The templates are shareable among team members. 
  • Reporting: Available with the Professional and Enterprise plans, this feature lets you generate reports based on the data in your pipelines. The system offers built-in sales and pipeline reports that can be customized, downloaded and shared via email. Sales reports let you track information like the total value currently in your pipeline, the value per stage, close rate, projected close value and more. Pipeline reports include total interactions, stage flow, the number of boxes assigned to each user and the number of boxes in any given stage. 
  • Permissions: With a Professional or Enterprise plan, you can control who views and edits information in the system. Owners act as the administrators, with the ability to edit teams, roles, pipelines and other settings. Members are limited to viewing pipelines and contacts, and can’t change user roles or team members. 

Streak Suite Support

Streak offers basic support as outlined below. It also provides API documentation for those interested in building custom integrations.

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available for users with a Professional or Enterprise plan.
phonePhone: Phone support is currently not offered.
schoolTraining: Streak doesn’t have any official training courses. However, users can access a searchable repository of help articles. Fourteen topical collections contain over 130 articles that cover areas like integrations, pipelines, email tracking, teams and troubleshooting. There are also video tutorials on Streak’s YouTube channel.
local_offerTickets: No dedicated ticketing system is available. Paying users can receive support for issues via email.

Streak CRM Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

527 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros and cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Email Marketing: Robust features include open and read rates, bulk emails, scheduling and more, according to more than 82% of users who mention email marketing.
  • G Suite Integration: The software ensures efficient process by connecting with G Suite, as noted by almost 90% of reviewers who mention this aspect.
  • Free Plan: Every user who references the free plan indicated it’s very useful and caters to almost every requirement.
  • Centralized Data: The software aids efficient data management, as noted by every reviewer who mentions this feature.
  • Reminders: Every user who refers to this feature liked the ability to frequently follow up
  • Ease of Use: More than 62% of reviewers who reference this feature noted the platform is easy to navigate.
  • Customer Communication: Streak aids effective customer engagement according to all users who mention this feature.


  • Customer Support: According to almost 60% of users who mention this element, the customer service needs improvement, with slow responses and irregular quality cited as a couple issues.
  • Lack of Free Features: While the free plan is useful, 80% of reviewers felt it would be helpful to have more features.
  • Location: Every user who mentions this feature observed that the software doesn’t reflect senders’ geographical location.

Researcher's Summary:

Built into Gmail, Streak ensures efficient email marketing, as users can check if an email is opened or read, deliver mass emails, send follow-ups, schedule emails and more. Additional strengths include data organization and greater productivity via G Suite integration. However, the free version has restrictions on how many emails can be tracked and doesn’t offer detailed tracking data. Reviewers also noted that the user interface needs improvement and that there are technical issues to address. Overall, it’s a decent software with a number of useful features.

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