Benefits and Insights

Why use Spiro?

Key differentiators & advantages of Spiro

  • Automated Data Entry: Spiro removes the need to manually input data while at the same time automatically capturing 16x more data (from email, calls and texts) than a traditional CRM. 
  • Visibility: With more data that is current, users gain full visibility into activity and opportunities so it’s clear which deals are best to focus on. 
  • Sales Enablement: The system helps users increase closed deals and overall sales. It does this through proactive recommendations on what actions to take next and insights that help eliminate lost opportunities. 
  • Smarter, More Efficient Work: Sales reps are able to be more productive and strategic with their time by using Spiro Assistant. A built-in AI tool, it takes notes from calls and emails, creates action items, sends reminders, answers common questions and identifies areas for coaching. 
  • Peace of Mind: Security measures ensure data is protected at all times. These measures include hosting on AWS, encryption, configurable privacy settings, data recovery methods, OAuth2 authentication and security audits. 

Industry Expertise

Spiro has been adopted by more than 200 companies in industries such as manufacturing, landscaping and healthcare.

Key Features

  • CRM Capabilities: While not a traditional CRM, Spiro still executes data collection, automatically gleaning information from emails, text messages and calls that can be used to measure engagement levels. 
  • Pipelines: Users receive a clear view of where each deal is at, and have the option to create multiple pipelines to fit their processes. Additionally, users can view pipelines in different ways, such as by sales or stage priority. 
  • Analytics and Reports: These features help users better understand prospects, customers, opportunities and forecasts by providing objective analysis of customer engagements at every stage. Report types include chart, pivot, summary and tabular. 
  • Mobile Apps: Apps for iOS and Android devices enable users to access pipelines, reports, contacts, leads and customer records while on the go. 
  • Integrations: Spiro integrates with many other types of business platforms, including CRM, ERP and customer support. It also connects with tools like Slack, Office 365, Gmail and Outlook. 
  • Email: Spiro supports emailing up to 500 contacts at once, with the option to schedule the email in advance. It also has templates that are reusable for common types of messages. For full email marketing capabilities, users can integrate it with a marketing automation solution. 
  • VoIP: This tool, available on desktop or via mobile app, enables one-click dialing. It also includes text message support, call recording, interactive voice response (IVR) and call forwarding. 

Spiro Suite Support

A Customer Success Manager is assigned to provide advanced support to clients. For example, they can assist with creating custom report views.

mail_outlineEmail: Although there’s no email address, users can click the “Contact” tab in the help center to access a brief form for contacting the company.
phonePhone: Spiro doesn’t provide phone support.
schoolTraining: In lieu of premium training, users can search the knowledge base for help articles on a variety of topics including reports and system administration. There are also free guides and videos that provide more information.
local_offerTickets: There’s no dedicated ticketing system.

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