Benefits and Insights

Why use Seismic?

Key differentiators & advantages of Seismic

  • Designed for the Enterprise: Seismic helps you overcome obstacles that are unique to enterprises. It does this through technology that was built specifically to support enterprise challenges. 
  • Deep Sales Enablement: You have access to more tools and knowledge that can help your business succeed, due in part to Seismic’s acquisition of SAVO, the pioneer of sales enablement. This partnership translates to increased technology innovation, greater experience, enhanced resources and a larger user community. 
  • New Releases Every Month: Your business always has the tools needed to grow as a result of the product’s continuous innovation and regular enhancements. 
  • One-Month Onboarding: The Seismic Velocity Program accelerates the onboarding process so your team will be up and running in 30 days or less. You’ll receive support for challenges, and the Seismic team will help you create a success plan that includes KPIs and monthly status reports. 
  • AI-Enabled: Your sales and marketing teams can make smarter decisions about which assets to use based on real-time insights of what content receives the highest engagement. These insights are delivered by LiveInsights, an analytics suite built with AI that delivers enablement, sales content and sales metrics. 
  • Enhanced Tech Stack: Seismic enables better collaboration and more productivity by offering over 70 integrations. You can connect the system to your CRM, marketing automation or email platform. It also integrates with G Suite, the MS Office Suite, Slack and content repositories like Dropbox. 

Industry Expertise

Seismic’s user base of over 500 companies spans more than 50 countries. It’s suitable for any industry but offers specific solutions for businesses in banking, manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences, asset management, insurance, technology, wealth management, consulting, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, media and advertising, and business services.

Key Features


  • Content Management: This feature provides a central place for you to manage all your company’s sales content. It lets you create content, set permissions to define access and design approval workflows. You can quickly and easily edit content, change access and perform other admin tasks. 
  • Automation: The LiveDocs feature allows users to save time creating documents using automation. Reusable elements, automatic content population and business rules simplify the process. 
  • Distribution: Your sales reps can save time and view only relevant information with access to the proper training materials and content, in any system and on any device. Tools include customized search, targeted content, machine learning suggestions and a news stream. 
  • Compliance: Your company can avoid fines and reduce compliance-related risks via automated workflows and access controls. 
  • Content Analytics: You can use content more effectively by gaining an overview of company assets, their engagement levels and which ones drive the most revenue. The software provides a library, dashboard powered by Microsoft’s Power BI application, metrics and activity views. 

Sales Operations or Enablement

  • Admin: Seismic can help your teams work more effectively and generate more revenue through a combination of team sites, individual profiles, organized repositories, integrations and permissions. 
  • Content Delivery: Your sales team can enhance performance with access to the right information, in the right context, at the right time. The platform delivers curated news, houses the most important content on landing pages and supports quick searching. It can also suggest the best content based on prospect or buyer data and send it directly to an email or CRM platform. 
  • Training: Seismic enables your sellers to onboard more quickly, improve their skills, become familiar with accounts and prep for various selling situations. It does this through the just-in-time method, providing context. An insights dashboard helps you pinpoint the best practices of the highest performers so others can replicate their success. 
  • Communication Tools: This feature lets you deliver critical, relevant information to sales reps, so they have the necessary information to close deals no matter what device or platform they’re using. It also allows them to stay up to date on the latest product updates, positioning strategies, market changes and competitor news. 
  • Enablement Analytics: You can gain a comprehensive overview of your sales efforts, making it easier to understand what’s working and what’s not, so you know where to focus. This feature lets you track user adoption, training usage, content usage, customer engagement trends and content effectiveness based on stage. 


  • Collaboration Tools: Your teams can more easily align, share content and stay organized thanks to WorkSpace, a cloud repository. WorkSpace can be accessed from your CRM platform and integrates with Office Online for extended collaboration. Capabilities include comments, tagging, notifications and annotation. 
  • Personalization: Creating documents and presentations is simple with the tools offered, which include a user-friendly builder, automatic formatting and customization options. They’re available from interfaces including a CRM platform or a user’s email, on both web and mobile devices. You can also embed live data into assets from multiple internal and external sources. 
  • Content Search: This feature makes the job of finding relevant assets more efficient by helping your sales reps quickly locate the correct assets based on their team and role. It can suggest materials based on context and makes assets in the search results easy to track, present remotely, email or save. 
  • Engagement Capabilities: Your sales reps can build trust with buyers by sending content that will be the most helpful and engaging, based on metrics. Web conferencing facilitates live sharing directly with buyers. The feature also offers performance tracking, so reps can continually improve. 
  • Sales Analytics: Being able to determine which content to send buyers can help improve prospect conversions. The feature includes dashboards, in-depth reporting on how buyers interact with content, engagement tracking and real-time alerts. 

Channel Marketing

  • Document Creation: This feature lets you quickly create content for your partners, with the option to reuse components for faster, more accurate updates. It provides co-branding, data integration and version control. 
  • Content Distribution: Your partners only see assets, training options and news updates that are relevant to them. Seismic accomplishes this by automatically distributing content based on segmentation criteria. 
  • Content Search: With this feature, your partners can find the most relevant assets for their situation using any device. 
  • Training: You can cut down on the training time required for partners, which will accelerate the speed to revenue generation. The system lets you analyze training usage, build dedicated training sites, provide context by pairing sales assets with training materials and store content in a central location. 
  • Channel Analytics: This feature helps you improve the sales output of your channel by tracking content performance. It provides a detailed analysis of how prospects engage with content, how effective your training is, which partners interact with training and which content underperforms. 

Seismic Suite Support

The Seismic support team has over 180 agents, allowing them to provide consistent support. Customers also receive a four-person success team that’s available 24/7 to provide assistance. Users can also turn to the community.

mail_outlineEmail: There’s no dedicated support email. However, users can fill out the contact form and select the “Customer Support” option to receive assistance.
phonePhone: The U.S. support number is (844) 955-8855. The U.K. support number is +44 203 950 5966. SAVO users can reach support at (312) 506-1700.
schoolTraining: In-depth product training isn’t available, but the Seismic knowledge center has a wide array of sales enablement resources that users can search through. A filter system lets users sort by industry, goal (e.g., measure success) and preferred learning format. Generally, the information covers best practices and trends rather than in-depth guidance on the software.
local_offerTickets: No dedicated ticketing system is available.