Benefits and Insights

Why use Salesmate?

Key differentiators & advantages of Salesmate

  • Secure and Reliable:  Complete data protection and regular backups create a secure platform for storing and processing sensitive data. 
  • Integrations:  Integrate with third-party applications and API-supported custom integrations for seamless operations. 
  • Better Collaboration:  Facilitate better communication and coordination between teams with a team inbox. 
  • Transparency:  Centralized information and insightful data-rich reports updates team members about performance and goal metrics. 
  • Flexible to Fit:  A reduced learning curve and customizable features drive early adoption and streamline sales processes. 
  • Mobile Apps:  Mobile iOS and Android apps are supported. 

Industry Expertise

RSuited to all business sizes for a broad range of industries, Salesmate serves over 4000 customers worldwide. It leverages personalized tools and process automation features to help sales teams boost lead engagement.

Key Features

  • Contact Management:  Store, organize, group and segment contacts centrally. Add tags and custom fields while using smart filters to search for contacts with similar attributes. Linear communication timelines make relevant information readily accessible. 
  • Email Management:  Send personalized messages to contacts with included templates. Automated performance tracking for metrics like open rates, click rates and opening times can help continually improve engagement rates. 
  • Text Messaging:  In-built text features lets salespersons engage their contacts with bulk messages about promotions, announcements, greetings and reminders. 
  • Built-in Calling:  Single-click calling features help users connect with leads and customers. It also supports call recording, notes and reports to facilitate better communication training. A power-dialler, automatic call distribution and call transfer facilities provide seamless communication. 
  • Team Inbox:  Shared team inboxes provide a collaborative space for teams with complete transparency to improve lead and client email response rates. Close deals, upsell and resolve customer queries faster. 
  • Workflow Automation or Sequencing:  Automated data enrichment for contacts, email tracking, call tracking and task delegation lets sales teams focus on closing deals. Automated ‘sequences’ of activities can be created to ensure multiple touchpoints with contacts with pre-set rules and delays. 
  • Sales Pipeline Management:  A complete visual overview of the sales pipeline lets users view, organize and prioritize follow-up actions to focus on the high-priority leads. Detailed breakdowns of pipeline stages are also provided to identify issues and course correct. 
  • Product Catalogue:  Users can manage a product catalog for easy access of prices and availability, as well as to manage deals and promotions. 
  • Deal Management:  The deal management module offers real-time visibility into sales cycles and deal status for each stage of pipeline. Visual indicators help define each deal’s value, identify hot deals and improve profit margins. 
  • Activity Tracking:  Plan, prioritize and track day-to-day activities while delegating tasks using the activity tracker. Managers can also use the activity tracker to measure team performance. 
  • Goal Tracking:  Admin can set up and track quantifiable time-based goals at the user, team, and organization levels to stay on the right track and maintain performance. 
  • Sales Forecasting:  Sales forecasting features with real-time visual representations of sales funnel help estimate revenue and optimize operations for maximum profitability. 
  • Sales Reports:  Pre-built, customizable and interactive reports measure the entire sales funnel from lead to closure. Pipeline conversion, lead source analysis, team performance and individual deals provide valuable metrics and actionable insights. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Automated texting is hard to setup with coding 
  •  Multichannel sequencing needs to be improved 
  •  Custom field options need to be expanded 
  •  Takes time to load 

PRODUCT NAME Suite Support

Salesmate CRM offers support to its users through phone, email and support portal during business hours.
mail_outlineEmail: Support email address is hidden behind a customer login.
phonePhone: Support phone numbers are hidden behind a customer login.
schoolTraining: Salesmate CRM offers training and onboarding through documentation, live webinars and in-person support.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a ticket through the dedicated support portal after logging in. Tickets are responded to on a priority basis, and users can access support documentation and a helpful community for their issues.