Benefits and Insights

Why use Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Key differentiators & advantages of Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Provides AI-Driven Insights: The software helps users make smart decisions via Einstein AI, which enables deep insights. Users can analyze historical sales channel data to make future predictions and evaluate prior effectiveness. 
  • Enables On-Demand Support: With Einstein, users can streamline support services by deploying help chatbots. Equipped with natural language processing and loaded with data from the platform, the chatbots can respond to customer queries, removing some of the burden from service agents. 
  • Adapts to Business Needs: Users don’t have to get stuck with software that doesn’t fit their current processes. Customizations include forecasting and sales stages, reports, and dashboards with modifiable charts. 
  • Aids Partner and Channel Management: Organizations can handle all aspects of their partner and channel operations, from recruitment to onboarding to training. Partner scorecards provide KPI tracking, while workflow rules support triggered actions for real-time events like accepting leads or logging training progress. With the provided tools, users can build cross-channel experiences and customize channel programs. 
  • Delivers Personalized Engagements: Sales reps are able to interact with contacts in meaningful, relevant ways with the Salesforce Engage tool. Desktop and mobile support, combined with campaign templates, facilitate engagement. Prospect history provides background information that informs conversations, and real-time alerts promote optimal timing. Users can monitor campaign performance on an interactive dashboard. 
  • Streamlines Quotes: Generating sales quotes is seamless, with automatic data population and approved PDF templates. Once generated, the quote can be emailed in-platform. 
  • Unifies Business Apps: Multiple integration options ensure businesses can create a seamless flow of data across critical systems and align workflows for greater performance. Salesforce Sales Cloud integrates with ERP systems, CMS and e-commerce platforms, accounting tools, ITSM products and social media channels. 
  • Offers Real-Time Forecasts: Users can make confident decisions with the ability to act on the most recent, relevant data. Adjustments are updated in real time to ensure forecast accuracy. 
  • Enhances Sales Performance: Sales managers can drive higher performance by using real-time leaderboards to track sales rep performance. They also gain full visibility into the whole pipeline, so they can always see what stage deals are at and act accordingly. 

Industry Expertise

Salesforce Sales Cloud can be used by any business in any sector. Notable industry specialties include banking, retail, non-profit, manufacturing, media, consumer goods, healthcare, communications, wealth management, insurance, travel and hospitality, and life sciences.

Key Features

  • Contact Management: This feature helps users collaborate and makes it easy to keep track of contact data. The 360-degree view includes communication records, social data, activity history and internal account discussions. Users can attach docs and share insights on any individual record, as well as monitor the movement of deals through the pipeline. 
  • Opportunity Management: The platform helps sales reps work on the most critical deals first to drive higher results. It provides deal value, an activity timeline, real-time activity tracking, updates on required actions and easily viewable deal stages. Email templates simplify the process of following up. 
  • Lead Management: The sales team can better manage the relationship with leads by making decisions and acting based on contact profile insights and best practice documents. Further context is available with lead tracking, which shows the origin of leads. Automated lead routing and lead scoring identifies the hottest leads and facilitates follow-up. The feature also includes multi-channel marketing campaign capabilities. 
  • Reports and Dashboards: The system makes data more accessible to users of any technical level. Using drag-and-drop tools, groups, filters and charts, users can create custom dashboards and reports that deliver real-time data. These insights help managers and executives more easily track KPIs, gauge team performance and assess business performance. 
  • Drag-and-Drop Process Builder: Streamlining tasks by creating workflows is simple with this tool, which provides a user-friendly interface to visualize and build processes. With it, users can structure guided steps that sales reps can use to hold lead qualification conversations and receive recommended next steps. It also automates approval processes (offering deal discounts, expense reports, travel). 
  • Mobility: The mobile app provides convenience by allowing users to perform tasks no matter where they are. They can access files and dashboards, track accounts, join conference calls, send files to team members, add meeting notes, manage deals and update CRM data. Offline mode ensures all work is saved and then synced once users reconnect to the internet. 
  • Email Integration: Users can get a handle on their tasks, more easily access customer information and sync schedules with the option to integrate Gmail or Outlook with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Integration facilitates productivity by letting users update pipeline data, create new deals, log support requests, view records and more, all from one place. 
  • Sales Collaboration: Teams can work more effectively to prevent details from going unnoticed with a social feed that facilitates collaboration. Accessible from mobile devices, the feed lets users stay informed about projects and team updates. Activity- and interest-based recommendations help users find relevant information, files and people. 
  • File Sync and Share: The platform enables sales and marketing departments to have the information they need, with quick filters to make locating files quick and easy. Real-time alerts let users know about version updates, and tags help organize and classify content. A drag-and-drop interface, sharing settings, content libraries and collaboration rights are some of the features included. 
  • Territory Management: Companies can make smart decisions when considering new territories to expand into, with the ability to clone a current model and test alternative options. Users can determine whether territory assignments, hierarchies or assignment rules will work best, as well as build the structure so that sales reps are mapped to the correct customers. Territory role assignments enable users to find resources and collaborators needed to close deals. 


SelectHub analyst review has determined the following drawbacks of the product, at the time of this writing:

  • Managing duplicates could be improved when it’s being integrated with other third-party applications. 
  • An on-premise solution isn’t available. 
  • It doesn’t provide native integration with email clients such as Gmail or Outlook and requires another Salesforce product to gain this capability. 
  • Native prebuilt email templates aren’t offered. Templates require adding the Salesforce Productivity product. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Suite Support

Basic plans include two-day response times and basic support (e.g., the Trailblazer Community and Trailhead Academy). Higher pricing packages offer additional support for an extra cost, including 24/7 access and technical assistance. All support options are accessible via the client portal login on the Salesforce website.

mail_outlineEmail: No information is listed.
phonePhone: Phone support is provided for customers in the Premier or Premier Plus tiers.
schoolTraining: Trailhead Academy offers an abundance of learning options, with both in-person and virtual classes available. Users can find self-service support through the Trailblazer community, online resources and blog articles. Training specifically for admins and developers is also provided.
local_offerTickets: A dedicated ticketing system isn’t mentioned.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

25268 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on the aggregate of reviews from the sources above, the following pros and cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Integration: 85% of reviewers who refer to this feature noted that the software supports integration with several tools and various organizational departments.
  • Centralized Client Database: Salesforce Sales Cloud offers powerful data management, according to 95% of reviewers who mention contact management.
  • Ease of Use: The system is easy to use as noted by every user who mentions this feature.
  • Customization: All users who refer to this feature observed that the platform offers endless customization opportunities.
  • Tracking: The software has robust tracking - opportunities, leads, sales, clients, invoices, campaigns, contracts and more - as observed by each user who mentions the feature.
  • Reports and Dashboards: The platform provides robust dashboard and report functionalities, according to 70% of reviewers who refer to this capability.
  • Organizational Efficiency: It helps improve efficiency within the organization, leading to improved productivity, as indicated by all users who mention this aspect.


  • Cost: More than 90% of reviewers who refer to pricing noted it’s on the higher side, especially for small businesses.
  • Loading Time: The system is slow to load at times, according to 90% of reviewers who mention this aspect.
  • Training: Almost 60% of reviewers who mention this element felt that it takes time to learn the navigation, and that using the system requires a lot of training.
  • Interface: The UI is outdated and some users didn’t like the Lighting upgrade, as indicated by 60% of reviewers who talk about the interface.

Researcher's Summary:

Sales Cloud by Salesforce helps B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes work more efficiently, track key metrics and manage client databases. It supports integration with Gmail, HubSpot, Tout, Discover and more, along with different organizational departments such as marketing and commerce. Other notable benefits include its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting and tracking. However, as many reviews noted, the price is on the higher side, the app can take a while to load and using the platform requires a significant amount of training. Overall, the software is a good fit for companies that have the financial and technical resources required and who are looking for robust lead and account management capabilities.

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