Benefits and Insights

Why use Salesflare?

Key differentiators & advantages of Salesflare

  • Data Efficiency:  With remote-based high-speed servers, huge amounts of data can be stored, processed and shared using Salesflare. 
  • Data Security and Backup:  Salesflare ensures data safety and backup for its users through privacy-preserving encrypted data processing and automated scheduled backups. 
  • Operational Optimization:  With automated data organization and interaction tracking, Salesflare saves up to 70% of the time spent on manual data entry and optimizes staff productivity in sales processes. 
  • Seamless Collaboration:  Salesflare facilitates team communication and ease of coordination between team members from a central system. 
  • Mobile Accessibility:  Salesflare offers fully-featured Android and iOS apps so that users can manage work remotely. 
  • Integrations:  Salesflare integrates with over 1300 business apps and software through Zapier integration to streamline operations. It also offers a REST API so that users can connect to custom products of their choice. 

Industry Expertise

Salesflare is ideally suited for small B2B businesses and start-ups. It has users across 7000+ companies.

Key Features

  • Data Input Automation:  Salesflare collects, stores and organizes all customer and lead data such as phone numbers, email IDs and postal addresses automatically, minimizing the time spent on data management. 
  • Contact Management:  It manages all contacts — leads, prospects and existing customers — along with their contact details and interaction history for easy reference and follow ups. 
  • Document Management:  Users can store and share important documents like contacts, notes, sales discounts and offers and marketing assets and collaterals with teammates. 
  • Lead Management:  The platform manages lead information by keeping track of contact details, interaction history and engagement rate. It notifies the users of pending actions for each lead to keep them actively engaged and increase conversion rate. 
  • Predictive Lead Scoring:  Based on the engagement rate of a lead, Salesflare can assign predictive lead scoring to it. This helps users gain insight on the probability of conversion of a particular lead and focus their efforts in the right direction. 
  • Sales Pipeline Management:  Users can view and keep track of their sales pipeline with details like leads procured per source, number of leads across each buyer journey stage, win-loss ratio and more. 
  • Quota Management:  Managers can track the leads assigned per salesperson and progress made by each salesperson against their quota. They can also assign leads on a round-robin basis or a rule-based engine, to match the leads to the best-suited team member on different parameters. 
  • Automated To-Do Lists:  The software helps users build their to-do lists automatically based on priority actions per lead and lead segment. Calls, meetings and scheduled communications are synced to the calendar so that users stay on track. 
  • Automated Reminders:  Users get automated reminders and notifications for their scheduled communications over email and texts, as well as meeting and call reminders, helping them stay on top of their daily activities. 
  • Performance Management:  Salesflare offers a leader board where managers can track daily activities, performance and close ratios of their sales team members. The leader board can also be shared with the whole team for transparency. 
  • FEATURE: Automatic Meeting & Call Logging: Salesflare automatically connects with users’ calendars and phones to log meetings and calls with customers, saving their time. 
  • Interaction Tracking:  Along with the automated meeting and call tracking, users can also attach notes to their interactions with leads and customers. Similarly, response rate and quality for email interactions is also tracked. 
  • Email Marketing:  Salesflare offers email marketing with customizable templates to engage leads in each stage of the buying journey, and build customer retention and loyalty. 
  • Website Tracking:  Salesflare tracks website visitors, noting key metrics such as time spent on the website, pages visited, forms filled and more to help users plan their marketing campaigns in an informed manner. 
  • Webforms:  The platform offers a customizable web form builder with options for question types. These forms can be integrated into the website and social campaigns for lead generation and surveys. 
  • Customer Engagement Tracking:  One of the key features of Salesflare is its automated data collection. It collects data on contacts from website and campaign interaction, it also picks up on the customer sentiment through social listening and offers insight on the direct interactions via emails, calls and meetings. 
  • Funnel Analysis:  The software offers a visual breakdown of the sales funnel and showcases how opportunities are moving through the pipeline. It also draws comparisons to specific past durations. 
  • Revenue Insights:  Salesflare offers revenue insights on sales pipelines, funnel analysis and past revenue trends. It includes key metrics such as average sales cycle, deal sizes, current revenue status, expected revenue versus revenue goal, top-earning accounts, top lead sources, top lost reasons and number of won and new opportunities. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Drip marketing is not available 
  •  Setting up workflows can be complicated 
  •  Web form integrations are time-consuming 
  •  User interface and navigation can be improved. 

Salesflare Suite Support

Salesflare offers support to its users through live chat and email on weekdays between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central European Time.
mail_outlineEmail: Users can email support experts at [email protected]
phonePhone: Phone support is not available.
schoolTraining: Salesflare provides onboarding and training support to its users via documentation, video tutorials and live webinars.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a ticket through the chat support portal after logging in to their account. All tickets are responded to within a couple of hours during business hours.
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