Benefits and Insights

Why use Qobrix?

Key differentiators & advantages of Qobrix

Flexibility – The Qobrix CRM platform is a skeleton on which we wrap your precise business processes. We actively listen to your existing pain-points to ensure that the system works for you rather than you being a slave to the system. We can provide any customisation necessary due to the flexibility of the platform, and we can even involve your team in the development, testing, and review of changes.

Agility – Many off-the-shelf providers have amassed ready built in functionality and additional modules bloating the software, most of which you may never want or need, but still have to pay for. We ensure that you have exactly the right components you need in your system without excess code or software baggage. Additional modules or functionality can be added and configured quickly to adapt to your changing needs.

Cost – The Qobrix system, due to its modular nature and flexible pricing options means that you are not paying for off-the-shelf functionality that you will never use. Unlike other CRM platforms, Qobrix does not charge on a per-user basis making it an extremely cost effective option for both smaller start-ups and companies with a high user count. We offer two extremely competitive pricing profiles, A one-off purchase fee + annual SLA or Setup Fee + Monthly licence. 

Integration - Qobrix provides an open REST/JSON API for all its features, and integrates easily with any kind of API from third party providers. We provide extensive and dynamic documentation for our Qobrix API which is always up to date.

Infrastructure – The Qobrix CRM platform can either be hosted on your premises or in our secure Cloud infrastructure reducing your IT infrastructure investment and ongoing maintenance costs.