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Why use Copper CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Copper CRM

  • Built for G Suite: The CRM integrates with the entire G Suite ecosystem seamlessly for a unified experience. The Gmail Chrome extension helps identify, track and optimize sales contacts and opportunities within users’ inboxes. The Google Sheets add-on helps create advanced dashboards, reports, charts and graphs. 
  • Integrations: Apart from G Suite, the system offers native and embedded integrations. It also integrates seamlessly with other tools like Slack, Zendesk, Hubspot, Xero, QuickBooks, Docusign, RingCentral, Mailchimp and PersistIQ. 
  • Insights: Users receive accurate business data with sales forecasting,visual reporting and analytics. The native G Suite integration automatically captures data, customizable pipelines provide real-time tracking and forecast reports display potential revenue by expected close date. These elements enable users to keep a pulse on deals, plan things ahead and determine the correct course of action. 
  • Security: The platform ensures absolute data protection and security control for businesses of all sizes through vulnerability testing, data encryption, user access management, two-factor authentication, data security training and regular user access review. 
  • Customizability: Users can add fields to track business-specific details for managing accounts. They can also save pre-filtered lists of leads, contacts and companies for a quick view and set preferences to receive real-time alerts that indicate when leads, accounts or deals need attention. 

Industry Expertise

Best suited for small businesses, medium sized companies and global enterprises, Copper CRM serves quite a few industries including advertising and media agencies, software and technology companies, real estate agencies, corporate development teams and consulting businesses.

Key Features

  • Contact Management: Copper CRM acts as a Google contacts manager ensuring leads, prospects and customers are automatically synced between all the tools. Users can manage, engage and nurture contacts better by customizing contact types, thus categorizing business relationships. 
  • Workflow Automation: The platform saves sales reps an average of eight hours per week by eliminating manual and tedious tasks, standardizing processes and letting them focus on managing leads and working opportunities. It helps them avoid mistakes as well as improve deal velocity, sales efficiency, conversion rates and closed deals’ percentage. 
  • Task Management: The system streamlines task management by enabling users to manage, prioritize and assign time-based tasks easily, improve team collaboration, set reminders and create automatic to-do lists. They can filter through tasks by owner, due date, opportunity and status for a consolidated view of ongoing tasks. 
  • Opportunity Management: This feature helps users monitor deal progression through visual pipelines and guides sales reps to close deals. It provides sales opportunity reports, pre-built dashboards and analytics to identify bottlenecks quickly. 
  • Sales Dashboards: Users gain full visibility into critical insights to keep a pulse on sales opportunities. Users can track sales data in any timeframe to estimate the close date, and based on the insights, they can make informed decisions. 
  • Sales Process Management:  Users can create defined sales stages and identify problem areas in the sales funnel with this feature. It lets them move deals through the funnel systematically, eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, ensure consistency and structure in the team, and automate their sales cadence. 
  • Lead Management: Users can eliminate spreadsheets, identify channels bringing qualified leads and increase rep efficiency. With these tools, they can capture leads, collect the relevant data, prioritize the hottest prospects and nurture them to become customers. 
  • Lead Tracker: This feature helps streamline lead generation efforts as users can track, organize and manage sales prospects in less time and instead focus on conversion. 
  • Project Management: This feature reduces bottlenecks by providing customized workflows that suit individual teams and ensuring teamwork via tagging, task assignment and file sharing. 
  • Pipeline Management: Real-time tracking, measurement and analysis enable improved performance across every stage of the sales process. Users are able to monitor open opportunities and their associated value. They can also create and customize unlimited drag-and-drop pipelines and manage teams from any location. 
  • Email: A real-time activity tracker optimizes marketing efforts by showing when prospects open, click and engage with emails along with the kind of content that receives the most engagement. Gmail integration lets users improve lead-to-opportunity conversion rates and send multiple campaigns at once, while pre-built templates save time. 
  • Mobile App: This feature improves productivity by enabling users to answer customers, approve last-minute proposals and track sales pipeline while on the go. 

Copper CRM Suite Support

Copper CRM offers extensive support through its resources section that includes a library, blog, product updates and a knowledge base. Users are also encouraged to check webinars for in-depth knowledge.

mail_outlineEmail: There's no support email, but users can submit a ticket to contact the support team.
phonePhone: No contact number is listed.
schoolTraining: Copper CRM has a dedicated training portal where extensive training is offered through a variety of courses. Users can check the help center for detailed resources and visit the community forum to chat with other users.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit requests about their problems or questions at the dedicated portal for tickets submission.

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