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Why use Pipeliner?

Key differentiators & advantages of Pipeliner

  • Increase Collaboration: The solution provides a built-in messaging tool so sales reps always communicate in context, with access to the information in front of them. This saves the time required if switching between the CRM and an email or messaging app. Reps can see and respond to messages either from the main message center or within the feed for a particular opportunity or account. 
  • Handle Tasks Effectively: Keep track of tasks with the system’s drag-and-drop task board, which shows any task or activity’s status. This offers a representation of the sales team’s activities. A filter makes searching for opportunities and tasks easier. The system can also automatically create new tasks from a predefined list as opportunities move through the pipeline. 
  • View Account Data Multiple Ways: The software has several formats for viewing account information, including a bubble chart, a list and a compact view. The bubble chart shows opportunities via a 3D map, which displays the stage of the process a deal is in, an estimated close date and the deal size. The list view sorts accounts into columns and rows. And the compact view centralizes all key details for a particular account — daily activities, a feed of messages related to the account and an overview of various business metrics. 
  • Enhance User Training: A context-sensitive help feature is built directly into the product. It makes user training more effective and less time-consuming. The system’s "Help Index" also provides access to the “Sales Playbook,” where users can find information on selling tactics and the ways the product can support your company. 
  • Connect a Suite of Tools: Pipeliner CRM offers native integrations with popular accounting, project management, marketing, email and eCommerce apps. The list includes QuickBooks, Oracle Netsuite, SAP ERP, Asana, Trello, Wrike, Shopify, Gmail, HubSpot and more. 
  • Gain Mobility and Flexibility: Pipeliner CRM’s mobile application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The apps support all desktop-level capabilities, which can be performed from any mobile device. Any customization made on the desktop version automatically syncs with the mobile version. The apps also provides additional, mobile-only features such as the business card scanner, a notification center, call logging capabilities and a map for viewing contacts or accounts. 
  • Perform Tasks With a User-Friendly Interface: The software is highly visual and has uniform navigation for an intuitive experience. It offers drag-and-drop functionality within modules and also on the backend, making the system easy to maintain. 

Industry Expertise

Pipeliner CRM can be used by businesses in any industry. A few specific sectors it serves are technology, healthcare, landscaping, marketing and the nonprofit space.

Key Features

  • Organizational Chart: Pipeliner CRM provides a visual map of relationships with this feature. The drag-and-drop smart org chart reveals a company’s hierarchy so sales reps know whom to talk to in order to close a deal. It also supports mapping multiple related accounts and assigning parent accounts for a complete picture. 
  • Buying Center: Load the data from the smart org chart into the buying center, making it easy to identify which contacts are involved in a purchasing decision. It’s also possible to add other contacts that aren’t in an account and therefore not part of the org chart hierarchy. This can include consultants and other influencers. 
  • Dynamic Target: This feature keeps your sales team’s overall goal in sight and serves to motivate sales reps. It acts as a constant visual check on the target progress and is capable of showing more than one KPI, using different indicators or time frames for a more thorough analysis. 
  • AI Engine: Pipeliner's AI engine “Voyager” provides salespeople with insights and alerts to keep them focused on their revenue target and higher priority activities. The AI Engine also extends into the sales navigator functionality and helps analyze different integrated components from a single view such as activity stream, target overview, notifications, suggestions and business overview. 
  • Navigator: Pipeliner’s CRM navigator feature provides insights into opportunities, activities and tasks along with alerts for those that are due or overdue. It recommends areas needing attention such as new or inactive leads, stuck opportunities, cold or inactive accounts, and more. 
  • Visual Pipeline: Instead of displaying information in a spreadsheet format, this feature presents the pipeline visually. A dedicated lead section allows sales reps to view, assign and qualify leads. Reps can drag and drop leads based on their progress through the pipeline, whether they become opportunities, return to marketing for additional nurturing or get archived. Leads that become opportunities can be scored and ranked according to their chances of conversion. Any archived opportunity or lead retains its relevant data for easy reactivation. 
  • Product Catalog: Pipeliner CRM allows you to add a full product catalog — which includes products, services and pricing (including discounts) — directly within the system. Sales reps can access relevant info in a few clicks, quickly create quotes and plan which products or services are best to pitch. The catalog is also easy to update with new items. 
  • Multiple Pipelines: The platform contains an unlimited number of pipelines all connected to a central database to support different processes. These can include sales-specific processes, such as for pre-sales and customers, as well as processes outside of sales like support, inventory control and supply chain management. With this feature, you can transfer data between pipelines or interconnect the information. 

Pipeliner CRM Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is included with all pricing plans and is available eight hours a day, five days a week. Online chat support is also part of each pricing tier, with availability at 16 hours per day, five days a week. Dedicated chat support (18 hours a day, five days a week), is only offered with the enterprise plan. There’s also a knowledge base for each deployment method, though the resources for the hybrid version are significantly more robust.
phonePhone: Phone support is available only for customers who choose the enterprise plan.
schoolTraining: Pipeliner CRM includes onboarding training (upon request) in all three price packages. Additionally, it offers a training academy designed to improve CRM skills. For self-guided learning, you can browse articles on a range of help topics such as troubleshooting, integrating with Google Suite, managing sales, getting started and more. There are also video tutorials and video interviews with experts available.
local_offerTickets: You can submit a request by filling out a brief form that includes fields defining your relationship with Pipeliner and the nature of your issue. A support staff member will respond as quickly as possible.

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