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Why use Pipedrive?

Key differentiators & advantages of Pipedrive

  • Visualize Your Sales Pipeline: Pipedrive helps sales reps track each deal through the pipeline via a visual interface and easy-to-use tools. This gives a clear picture of what stage every lead or customer is in, so your sales pros can stay on top of the entire process. You can add custom fields to your pipelines to capture whatever data you need and customize them to reflect your specific sales stages. 
  • Centralize Sales Communication: The Sales Inbox feature can connect with your email inbox, putting all your communication with clients in a central location, so it’s easily accessible. The sync is bi-directional, meaning any emails you send from Pipedrive also appear in your inbox. You can also add a list of activities directly to the Sales Inbox. For those with less robust needs, Pipedrive offers Smart Email BCC, which allows you to send emails as normal and easily copy them into the platform. 
  • Easily Import Data: The system gives you control over the process of importing data from another source, whether that’s a spreadsheet or a different CRM. You can migrate data from many top solutions, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, HubSpot, Pipeliner, Infusionsoft, MS Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, NetSuite CRM and Insightly. 
  • Work Smarter: A built-in AI tool called Sales Assist helps users improve performance. It can send automated performance tips based on behavior, suggest which tasks can be automated and send notifications when changes are made to the system’s settings. It also generates graphs that give visibility into good and bad habits so users can constantly increase effectiveness. 
  • Reduce Manual Tasks: The solution’s workflow automation feature enables you to streamline repetitive tasks by setting triggers and actions that the system will then perform. This includes automatically sending emails out based on actions taken in the pipeline, such as moving a deal to a new stage, so your contact with leads remains relevant and up to date. Other time-saving tools let you draw social media information into the CRM, pre-qualify leads in a single click and send real-time push notifications via webhooks. 
  • Understand Your Data: Pipedrive’s comprehensive reporting features allow you to gain insights into your sales data. Visual tables and charts make the information clear and easy to digest. You can customize which metrics the reports track, including deals added, open deals and average deal age. Filters let you hone in on the most relevant data, and you can divide metrics based on products or services. Dashboard customization ensures visibility into top KPIs. 
  • Create Custom Features: An open API gives you advanced control over the system’s capabilities. You can connect to a host of third-party apps to easily sync data. For greater functionality, you can use the API to develop features that fit your unique workflows and processes. 
  • Access Anywhere: Native apps for iOS and Android allow users to take work on the go. You can sync contacts and calendars, view daily priorities, record audio notes, and work within Google Drive or Gmail to add files and items like new deals. 

Industry Expertise

Companies in any industry can use Pipedrive. It also offers a product specifically geared toward those in the financial services sector, such as insurance agents, retail and private banks, and mortgage brokers. Pipedrive serves more than 90,000 customers across nearly 180 countries. Clients include Slack, Mailchimp, Zapier and Trello.

Key Features

  • Lead Management: Along with visual pipelines, this set of features includes a product catalog, lead import tools and deal probability. A color-coded feature referred to as “rotting” uses different colors to represent how hot or cold a lead is, so sales reps always have visibility into which leads require follow-up or are best to pursue. 
  • Contact Management: You can import contacts from a previous CRM or spreadsheets, as well as sync contacts from Microsoft or Google. Once in the system, contacts are stored as organizations and people, which you can then attach to deals. A timeline of interactions such as calls and emails provides a record, so you always know where things stand. You can view contact locations by adding Google Maps integration. 
  • Web Forms: Pipedrive helps you generate leads via web forms, which can be embedded on your website or shared in emails and on social media channels. The fields are customizable, so you capture the personal details you need, and you can configure where the leads appear in Pipedrive (e.g., as a deal or contact). 
  • Leadbooster Chatbot: Offered as an add-on for an additional cost, this feature collects and qualifies leads 24/7. The chatbot automatically routes leads to wherever you choose, such as a stage or sales rep. It’s synced with sales rep calendars, so leads can book a meeting from within the chatbot conversation. 
  • Activity Management: With these features, sales reps can stay on top of all activities related to your company’s pipelines. A scheduling tool makes it easy to keep track of to-do items, and reminder notifications can be sent to a user’s inbox or mobile device. The system has a pre-made list of activity types, which can be configured based on your needs. 
  • Sales Forecasting: This tool helps you pursue the best deals and effectively plan your strategy for open deals. Individual views provide in-depth details that are helpful for sales reps, while the Forecasting view is convenient for managers who need broader context. The Forecasting view is customizable, allowing deal filtering based on criteria like date started or product. 
  • Integration: Pipedrive integrates with dozens of other apps, including Asana. It also connects with platforms like Zapier and, allowing further integration with tools like LinkedIn, Zendesk, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Jira, Salesforce, Dropbox and various G Suite tools like Gmail. 
  • Marketplace: The platform supports dozens of third-party plugins, which can be found on the Pipedrive Marketplace. Thumbs-up/thumbs-down ratings and user reviews help you gauge how an app performed for other users. 
  • User Access Control: You can set user permissions and determine how users login, whether it’s via two-factor authentication or using a single sign-on (SSO) platform. A dashboard lets you track the identity and location of anyone who logs in. You can set the system to alert you when an unrecognized device logs in. 
  • Data Security: Pipedrive goes to extensive lengths to protect your company’s data. This includes data encryption, daily backups and GDPR compliance. It also provides a data protection officer and multiple certifications. 

Suite Support

Support is available at the following times: English and Portuguese — 24/7. German and French — Monday through Friday, 7.a.m. to 5 p.m. UTC. Spanish — Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. UTC. The website also has a searchable help center with articles that cover system setup, billing, features, integrations and more.

Companies with an Enterprise support plan receive additional assistance, including an account manager and ongoing help. Pipedrive will also manage the setup of the system for these customers.

mail_outlineEmail: Non-users can reach the support team by emailing [email protected] Users can log in to their account and click on the question mark help icon to start a chat with a service agent.
phonePhone: No phone support number is listed.
schoolTraining: Pipedrive Academy provides e-learning training via videos and tutorials. The free courses cover topics like getting started, organizing sales data, tracking performance, setting up integrations and automating work.

Pipedrive Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

3744 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Sales Pipeline: 80% of reviewers who refer to pipeline capabilities said the platform is good for keeping a close eye on deals at every stage and tracking individual progress to understand outcomes.
  • User Interface: Of the users who mention the UI, 60% suggested that the software has a user interface that’s functional and easy to use.
  • Mobile Application: 70% of the reviewers mentioning the mobile app have experienced that it makes Pipedrive easy to use anytime, anywhere.
  • Integrations: The platform helps users work seamlessly with integrations for customer acquisition, goal achievement, application sync and more as stated by 40% of reviewers who refer to integrations.


  • Data Exporting: The data export feature lacks control and has a glitch that makes data querying and extraction slow, as observed by 50% of those who mention the exporting tool.
  • Filters: The platform’s filtering process is complex, and 40% of users who reference it stated it needs more options in terms of usability and its design.
  • Browser Extensions and Email Integration: The email integration isn’t user-friendly, and the browser extensions and workflow automation needs an upgrade, according to 70% of users who mention these features.
  • Highly Priced: 60% of users who mention pricing suggested that the features are overpriced in comparison to the competition’s products.

Researcher's Summary:

Pipedrive is a sales and marketing management tool for small and medium businesses that helps visualize the sales pipeline, track important activities and hold client conversations to add value, with mobile access for greater productivity. Even with its data exporting difficulties, filter complexity and non-intuitive email integration, the platform overall is easy to use and intuitive. Integration with third-party software such as Google Apps, Mailchimp and Zapier, along with a powerful API, helps simplify tasks for users.

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