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Why use Pega CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Pega CRM

  • View Real-Time Insights: The system processes a range of data such as churn risk, lead scoring and more, allowing users to see up-to-date information in each customer’s profile. Your organization can also transform big data into actionable insights. 
  • Engage Customers: Use models that continually learn to anticipate customer needs and surpass their expectations. Users can also create and manage engagement strategies to deliver relevant interactions across customer touchpoints. 
  • Control AI Deployment: Blindly using AI can open the door for regulatory violations and major liabilities. Using Pega T-Switch™, organizations can deploy AI based on transparency thresholds to ensure compliance and reduce risks. 
  • Go Mobile: The Pega CRM mobile app allows managers and sales reps to take their work anywhere. Users can view critical info such as leads, opportunities and accounts. The platform includes notifications, alerts, geolocation, voice-to-text and more. 
  • Increase Revenue: With predictive forecasting features, Pega CRM helps sales teams work smarter. Use the insights to bring in more repeat purchases, take advantage of cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and boost customer retention. 
  • Optimize Campaigns: Fueled by AI, the system is always learning. This translates to more accurate campaign offers sent at the best time. It also maximizes paid search efforts to broaden brand reach and target the right people with the appropriate message. 

Industry Expertise

Pega has a client base of hundreds that spans the globe. It serves many industry giants and nine of the top 10 companies in the healthcare and insurance spaces. Additional sectors covered include financial services, communications, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and government. Ford, AT&T, Anthem and Wells Fargo are among Pega's well-known customers.

Key Features

  • One-to-One Marketing: Using a toolkit supported by AI, the solution enables companies to engage at a personalized level. Users can visually depict each customer’s journey, build rules that govern AI actions, view next-best-action suggestions, monitor efforts via dashboards and more. 
  • Sales Automation: This feature supports data-driven sales processes through AI-guided automation. The platform can identify revenue opportunities as well as streamline and simplify tasks for sales reps. Additionally, managers can gain insights into sales rep performance, forecasts, accounts and other metrics. 
  • Customer Service Tools: The system uses data automation to eliminate silos and leverages omni-channel AI in real time to solve customer issues. It also contains a self-service platform that guides customers to resolutions immediately, instead of waiting for a service rep. 


  • Doesn’t provide seamless integration with Salesforce
  • Doesn’t offer billing and invoicing features for users
  • UI isn’t user friendly
  • Lacks support for non-English language
  • No API for integration with third-party apps
  • Limited customization support

Pega CRM Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is offered via a lengthy form on the Pega website. You can get answers to questions based on different categories after filling out the form.
phonePhone: The number to contact U.S. headquarters is +1 (617) 374-9600. The U.K. headquarters number is +44 118 965 1600. And to reach the A.U. headquarters, dial +61 2 9581 7000.
schoolTraining: Pega Academy provides a wealth of training materials, sorted by path (technical or business), industry and product. The formats include online, as well as public or private instructor-led courses. Pega also has an online community to augment the topics covered in the learning library. Finally, an extensive knowledge base offers product information, such as installation, alongside system details like security and administration.
local_offerTickets: You can ask general and how-to questions in the Product Support Community. For other needs, submit support requests by clicking “Pega Support” and then “My Support Portal” in your account.

Cost of Ownership for Pega CRM

License/Subscription Cost
  • Subscription-based model: per user, per month
  • Pricing includes upfront cost for maintenance, upgrades, customization & integration
Maintenance Cost
  • Included in the monthly subscription cost
  • Provides telephone and online support, which is included in the chosen package
Installation/Implementation CostIncluded in the monthly subscription cost
Customization CostCost varies depending on the functional requirements and the services chosen
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching CostDependent on the current software, amount of data to be migrated, availability of migration tools, complexity of data, and gaps between the existing system and the new system
Training CostCost varies based on the type of training course chosen
Recurring/Renewal CostsCosts are included in the subscription fee, based on the number of users plus maintenance support, monitoring, upgrades and premium support service chosen

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