Benefits and Insights

Why use Siebel CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Siebel CRM

  • Deploy in the Cloud: Siebel CRM is available via the Oracle Compute Cloud Service (OCCS). This reduces TCO and gives you the ability to scale environments as needed, accelerate the start-up time and achieve a minimum uptime of 99.95%. 
  • Increase Agility: The application follows a continuous release model. Regular updates provide faster access to new features and security improvements. It also simplifies the process of updating the system to minimize maintenance costs. 
  • Build on a Flexible Platform: Siebel Open UI uses one framework that supports multiple use cases, such as mobile, touch and employee-facing. This provides a tailored user experience based on role. 
  • Gain Sales Insights: The sales component delivers visibility into your pipeline and sales performance. It seamlessly integrates with the other Siebel applications so you can phase deployments. You can also segment sales regions, identify where to take action and offer tailored coaching to the members of your sales team. Additionally, the 360-degree, real-time view of all sales activities enhances decision-making. 
  • Execute Multi-Channel Campaigns: You can integrate workflows, collaborate on approvals and use financial models to optimize marketing spend. In addition, a command center lets you track campaigns throughout your organization. Your marketing team can use the most up-to-date customer info to create personalized, targeted campaigns. 
  • Enhance Customer Service: Contact center teams can view historical customer interactions and respond to emails automatically. A help desk feature ensures timely, comprehensive service for any problems or questions that arise, whether from customers or employees. You can also manage field service activities such as scheduling and contract management, as well as streamline and improve claims processes. 
  • Connect CRM With Social Media: Thanks to an integrated framework, the system allows you to connect with Oracle Social Relationship Management Cloud Service. This lets you view all contact info, address issues on social networks, transfer social media leads into Siebel CRM and more. 
  • Extend Capabilities: Integration with Oracle’s BI applications provides a range of analytics functionality. Oracle Siebel also plugs into the Oracle CX Cloud Suite to provide a connected ecosystem that lets you deliver customer-centric experiences. 

Industry Expertise

Oracle Siebel serves over 4,200 global clients from small businesses to enterprise giants. The software industry forms its largest customer demographic. Other industries covered include IT and services, banking, hospital and healthcare, financial services, staffing and recruiting, telecommunications, and insurance. GM, Panasonic, American Airlines and Canon are among its customers.

Key Features

  • Sales Tools: The mobile sales feature lets on-the-go sales reps access information while in person, respond to inquiries faster and increase sales. There are also solutions to capture quotes and orders. This makes tracking products easier and offers insights that optimize product bundle targeting, prices, and cross-sell and upsell. 
  • Marketing Capabilities: This group of features helps manage everything from events to email marketing and web marketing. You can also plan and track budgets while analyzing marketing activities via the resource management module. 
  • Dynamic Catalog: You can define selling rules and maintain catalogs with this module. It integrates product selection and configuration to support comprehensive search options, configurations, and targeted upsell and cross-sell offers. 
  • Pricing Analytics: This feature provides data consistency and the ability to make context-based decisions. It reveals product demand and shows the overall effectiveness and impact of your pricing across various regions and offers such as discounts, incentives, etc. 
  • Quote and Order Lifecycle Management: Siebel CRM ensures order completion, validity and accuracy via this set of applications. It also supports pricing and product configurations. You can approve quotes, verify credit and payment, and analyze orders for greater understanding of the process and pipeline. 
  • Mobile Access: Oracle Siebel gives you a number of ways to maintain flexible access to key data. Its remote capabilities support mobile devices such as laptops and tablets while the Siebel Mobile solution lets field workers view key data from iOS and Android devices as well as pagers. The server sync feature integrates Microsoft Exchange Server and your Siebel database for automatic data syncing. There are also wireless and handheld solutions to cover any organization’s mobility needs. 
  • Loyalty Management: You can build campaigns that drive loyalty without the need for IT expertise. Access to marketing, analytics and service tools helps your business boost profits and cut expenses while getting the most out of each customer relationship. 
  • Partner Management: These four modules facilitate management of partner relationships. You can share information and streamline processes for marketing, sales and other areas. Tools for lead tracking, forecasting, partner progress assessments, complex pricing and channel operations management let you oversee all aspects of your partner relationships. There’s also a partner portal for supporting partner communities. 


  •  Doesn’t support data synchronization with other systems 
  •  Complex implementation process that costs 2 to 3 times the cost of the software 
  •  UI isn’t intuitive and doesn’t fully support the data import feature 
  •  Doesn’t provide a drag-and-drop interface 
  •  No light and updated version for mobile available 

Oracle Siebel Suite Support

In addition to the options below, Oracle offers a knowledgebase that covers topics like logins, certification info and patch downloads. Some require logging in to a user account. Oracle also provides advanced customer support services that include systems optimization, security, transition and managed platforms.

phonePhone: Oracle customer service agents are available to answer both technical and non-technical questions. The U.S. number is 1 (800) 223-1711. For a list of support numbers for other countries, visit the Global Contact page on Oracle’s website.
schoolTraining: Oracle University offers training in a number of disciplines, including Java, databases and applications. Users have the option to take courses on demand, in-person, via live virtual classes and more. Oracle also offers certifications. Subscriptions are available to help companies receive the most from the training offerings.
local_offerTickets: Active users can submit service requests via “My Oracle Support” after logging in to their account.

Cost of Ownership for Oracle Siebel

License/Subscription CostOn-premise:
  •  License-based model where users are required to pay an upfront fee to own the software, plus IP for a fixed term, along with installation, customization and integration costs 
  •  License cost is based on the named user license, plus an additional cost for the software update license and support 
  •  Each Siebel user/customer must purchase one Siebel CRM Base Application 
  •  In case the user/customer requires industry-specific functionality, users can select the industry base option per their preferences, in addition to the CRM Base Application 
  •  Cost varies depending on the industry-specific Oracle Siebel CRM solution opted for, along with the chosen Siebel CRM Base Application (refer to the CRM Pricing Guide for details) 
  •  Siebel modules must be licensed for each user 
  •  No technology products are included with Siebel licenses. Any required technology from Oracle or outside vendors require purchasing separate licenses 
  •  Recurring subscription based model that depends on the number of users 
  •  Existing Siebel CRM licenses can be reused in the cloud 
Maintenance Cost
  •  On-premise: Software update licenses and support are charged over and above the license cost 
  •  Cloud-based/SaaS: Included in the subscription cost 
Installation/Implementation Cost
  •  On-premise: Included in the license cost 
  •  Cloud-based/SaaS: No installation cost 
Customization Cost
  •  For both on-premise and cloud-based/SaaS solutions, the cost varies depending on the pricing plan/module selected and the level of customization required 
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
  •  For both on-premise and cloud-based/SaaS solutions, the cost varies depending on the current software, amount of data to be migrated, availability of migration tools, complexity of data, and gaps between the existing system and the new system 
Training Cost
  •  For both on-premise and cloud-based/SaaS solutions, the cost varies depending on the type of training chosen, whether it’s end-user training, group/department training, video/self-training or a train the trainer approach 
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  •  On-premise: Costs vary depending on the number of named user licenses purchased, along with the industry-specific CRM solution. Additional costs include the software update license, support, annual innovation packs, monthly patch sets and Premier Support services, if chosen 
  •  Cloud-based/SaaS: Renewal cost is included in the fees paid monthly or annually, based on the number of user licenses purchased, the customization cost, annual innovation packs, monthly patch sets and Premier Support services, if chosen 

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