Benefits and Insights

Why use Oracle Sales Cloud?

Key differentiators & advantages of Oracle Sales Cloud

  • Analytics and Forecasting: Provides instant access to key metrics and reports that allow forecasts. Comprehensive analytics help visualize, track and act on trends, all in real-time. 
  • Customer Data Management: Leverage comprehensive capabilities, including data cleansing and integrated business intelligence views. Provides B2B and B2C firms with personalization, cost management, account-based marketing campaigns and campaign segmentation. 
  • Dynamic Dashboards: Gain real-time insights about customers, teams and business metrics, such as seasonality, recurring sales and the overlay of sales teams. Drill down for more granular analysis. 
  • DataFox: Find and prioritize target companies through automated data collection. Includes over 70 firmographic data points, 68 types of real-time company signals, filters, company scoring models, balanced territories and more. 
  • ERP Integration: Integrate with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to work with a shared customer view and information flow, along with other productivity tools. 
  • Responsive UI: The single UI works across all mobile platforms, allowing access to customer data on-the-go. 
  • Outlook Integration: Maximize sales productivity through access to sales cloud data through integration with Microsoft Outlook. 
  • Adaptive Intelligence: Identify opportunities with high probabilities of conversion by leveraging probability scores, automated recommendations and deal acceleration. AI-derived firmographic data and signals help account enrichment, as well as account scoring and prioritization. 
  • Predictive Analytics: Provide customized products and promotions catering to customer needs. 
  • Native Mobile App: Fully customizable experience for sales teams on the go, available for Android and iOS devices. Cached views of customers and accounts are available offline. 
  • Pre-Packaged Reports: Surface actionable business insights with over 500 prebuilt reports. Reports leverage the built-in business intelligence (BI) solutions embedded within Oracle’s CX sales solutions. 
  • Intelligent Guided Selling: Analyze the probability of lead conversion, get recommendations for next-best actions, determine account prioritization, track market signals and more. 

Industry Expertise

Caters to industries such as automotive, communications, construction and engineering, consumer goods, education and research, financial services, food and beverages, healthcare, hospitality, industrial manufacturing, retail, media and entertainment, utilities, life sciences, and more.

Key Features

  • Sales Force Automation: Automates the sales process using mobile access, artificial intelligence, integration to email applications, sales-focused digital assistants, drill-down dashboards and elastic search. Provides contextual insights, recommendations and predictive outcomes, and enables management of leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, assets, activities and assessments. 
  • B2B Service Center: Streamlines interactions and facilitates collaboration between multiple teams with a 360-degree customer view provides: 
    • Milestones, entitlements and SLA tracking for managing critical dates and contractual obligations.
    • Integrated sales and service capabilities on a single platform.
    • A combination of sales automation, service request management, knowledge management and digital customer service.
  • Sales Planning and Performance Management: Hosts advanced incentive compensation, compensation dashboards, territory, and quota management tools with what-if capabilities. Sales reps can access automated sales methodologies using connected data powered by AI. 
  • Partner Portal: Available out-of-the-box, it streamlines partner activities from recruitment to lead management to MDF disbursement. Offers automated lead distribution, sales training materials, qualification and conversion tools, consolidated KPI views and assessment questionnaires, and an integrated configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution. 
  • Oracle CPQ: Supports sales representatives with tools for subscription orders, multiple price books, discretionary discounting, deal management intelligence, and dynamic workflows. Also includes quote management features like a document designer, contract management and electronic signatures. Integrates with CRM and ERP systems, web services, and B2B commerce platforms. 
  • Subscription Lifecycle Management: Integrates front- and back-office processes on one platform. Provides consumption-based billing, fixed and recurring orders, revenue recognition and a 360-degree view of customer subscriptions. Offers tracking for KPIs, monthly recurring revenue, total contract value, average revenue per user, churn rate and customer lifetime value. 
  • B2B Commerce: This omnichannel feature extends self-service and digital experiences with the flexibility to customize to meet the needs of an organization. Features include guided search, merchandising, personalization, promotions, native A/B testing, a single admin interface for managing multiple stores, integrated commerce and CPQ, and more. 


Some of the product limitations include:

  •  Doesn’t support navigating to the sales object's details page. 
  •  Doesn’t support display of subtab on a custom object mobile page. 
  •  Doesn’t allow updating the unit of measurement for saved products. 

Oracle Sales Cloud Suite Support

Support for Oracle Sales Cloud can be reached through the registered login details, which may vary based on the user location.

mail_outlineEmail: Available by logging in to an account.
phonePhone: 1 (800) 223-1711.
schoolTraining: Oracle offers training resources such as webinars, online training, articles, cloud product training and more through their knowledge portal. The developer and support community can also be accessed through the website.
local_offerTickets: Not available.
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