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  • Artificial Intelligence: Oracle Engagement Cloud's Artifical Intelligence algorithms offers win probability scores to assist in prioritizing sales opportunities and offer automated recommendations for next best sales actions. 
  •  Sales Performance Management: Oracle Engagement Cloud helps to align territories, initiate rewards and sales incentives, identify successful selling techniques and offer in-context coaching. 
  •  Seamless Integration: End to end integration enables seamless information flow across the entire Oracle’s solution suite allowing sales and other teams to work using the same granular customer view. 
  •  Interactive Reporting: It provides prebuilt reports and custom reporting options for deeper insights. The solution delivers Process Aware BI for simple reports and infolets to advanced, interactive visualizations that support decision making. 
  •  Native Mobile Apps: The Oracle CX Cloud Mobile App for iOS and Android includes the Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile, Call Report, and Deal Management apps to provide access to critical customer information on the go. 
  •  Omnichannel Interactions: It organizes all customer interactions including live chat and screen-share sessions in one common location.
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2 - 9
Software Advice
It's no secret that Oracle has been the major player in the software space for decades at this point. Probably older than me haha! Still, they know what they are doing when it comes to creating a CRM that works. I've been super happy using Oracle CRM On Demand. My guess is you will be too!
It did take me a bit of time transitioning into the larger enterprise type of software. However, I was able to make the transition smoothly with the support provided by Oracle!
2 - 9
Perfect for large sales team. Helps manage leads, communicate with team members the expert way. Features like access to past and present contracts at a touch of fingertips make this software helpful.
Nothing short that comes to mind except the fact that there is always a room for improvement.
50 - 99
The only good thing about this software is the robust database.
Not stable, lots of problems with installation and bugs that not even the "best" support teams could fix.
Almost four months and the support team can't fix basic problems, like creating new costumer or displaying proper language localization. The salesman promised lots of things, but most of them are out of the scope of the basic license, so you need to pay for multiple modules in order to make things work, otherwise, you just have a really basic CRM not worth the money (many free CRM can do way better). Go for it ONLY if you are a really big company with lots of transactions and paying a lot of money in licenses, otherwise, the support team will ignore your requests.
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