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Why use NetSuite CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of NetSuite CRM

  • User-Friendly Integration: The SuiteTalk feature leverages SOAP, CSV and REST web services to ensure code-free integration of NetSuite CRM with different third-party cloud environments and on-premise applications. It’s also used to create lightweight custom mobile applications and website-to-NetSuite integrations. 
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: NetSuite CRM’s dedicated customer portal helps boost retention by enabling customers to complete transactions, submit support issues, receive answers to their questions and update profiles. They can also manage orders, view order histories, and receive automatic confirmation for a service request with a case number. Deploying NetAnswers Knowledge Base provides a place for customers to check support documentations. 
  • CRM Functionality on Mobile: Users can take care of tasks from anywhere using the platform’s mobile solutions for iOS, Android and Windows devices, including the SuitePhone app. They can check forecasts, manage leads, create expense reports, generate quotes and orders, access reports, manage activities and meetings, and more. They can also customize apps to unique business needs. 
  • Efficient Data Tracking: Sales, marketing and service team members can monitor personalized KPIs, call resolution time, call volume and trends through real-time, role-based dashboards. They can also access the latest reports, and analyze renewing maintenance and customer satisfaction. 
  • E-Commerce Integration: Integration with the e-commerce platform streamlines data flow and enhances accuracy by providing a single system of record about customer interactions, information and transactions. Users can automatically measure and monitor all online interactions with customers or prospects. 
  • Convenient Updates: Apple users never have to miss critical info or updates again, with an integration that sends key alerts to their Apple Watch in real time. 
  • Seamless Case Management: With time tracking tied to customer records, agents gain insights into the value of each customer, lead and client, ensuring better visibility into case management. They can track the exact time spent by team members on individual interaction. 
  • App Store: offers capabilities for specific industry and business needs through a collection of bundles that can be developed by NetSuite, or by members of SuiteCloud Developer Network, the system’s third-party developer program. It’s also possible to develop customized solutions to match specialized requirements. 
  • Accurate Forecasting: Sales reps and managers can forecast deals accurately and compare against pipelines at each level, using forecasting tools. With probability-based forecasting, they can understand pending orders, quotes and opportunities, and make necessary adjustments. Capabilities like multiple forecasts help evaluate accuracy, while "Mood Ring" forecasts enable users to capture prediction as an override. The system also helps calculate close probability, the weighted amount for opportunities and quotes, and projected amount. 

Industry Expertise

NetSuite CRM serves startups, family-owned and fast-growing businesses, small and midsize businesses, PE and VC backed businesses, and enterprises. It caters to any industry, including energy, education, consulting, advertising and digital marketing, IT services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, financial services, restaurants and hospitality, wholesale distribution and more.

Key Features

  • Opportunity Management: With detailed information and a complete pipeline view of opportunities, the sales team can streamline sales and customer buying processes. They can access prospect information, potential revenue, notes, meeting records and status. 
  • Contact Management: Centralized data makes it easier to manage and create contacts through sales portals, as well as view leads, tickets and the opportunities associated with them. A pipeline view facilitates lead tracking, along with full details of all interactions. 
  • Quote and Order Management: The platform streamlines the quote and order tasks with an integrated quote-to-order, cash and fulfillment solution. It can automatically process quotes with back-end financials, convert those into approved sales orders and include shipping rate calculations, automated tax, and pricing and discounting rules. Users can also access sales and projections of recurring revenue in forecasts and variances. 
  • Quota Management Sales reps can create and track quotas by item, class, location, or department. It’s also possible to set quotas based on the company sales goals. 
  • Incentive Compensation Management: An integration with the incentive management module offers visibility into incentives through automated compensation management. Users can set up commission schedules monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually. Configuration rules can be applied to determine commission based on sales, quotas, profitability, quantity and more. 
  • Lead Management: NetSuite CRM aligns marketing and sales functions, enabling users to manage lead generation and measure campaign ROI by tracking lead-to-revenue score. It helps automate lead capture from multiple sources like search engines, websites, direct mail, email and events. 
  • Campaign Management: The platform facilitates creating and tracking targeted marketing campaigns based on purchase trends, demographics, support histories and response patterns. Users can ensure personalized marketing using data segmentation, and analyze marketing campaigns such as direct mail, events, email and multichannel campaigns in a single application. 
  • SEO-Optimized Website: Users can optimize web pages with meta tags, image-alt tags, customizable titles and short search engine descriptive URLs for dynamic pages. It’s possible to preserve search rankings for both static HTML and dynamically generated web pages by creating permanent (301) redirects. 
  • Web Forms: This feature allows users to create landing pages with a drag-and-drop interface, capture leads directly from the website and populate them automatically in real time. It provides a routing engine that directs the captured leads to sales reps. 
  • Partner Management: The system aligns partner activities in PRM with order management and sales activities in CRM using a single application. Partners can register, measure conversion rates and acquisition costs, and track leads and marketing campaigns. Resellers can place and track orders with transparency. 
  • Case Management: NetSuite CRM offers online self-service with case submissions, tracking and routing of customer support cases, based on case type, product, partner, customer and issue. Routing across multiple communication channels such as phone, email, web and fax enables greater availability and caters to customers preferences. Users can prioritize cases and track them through default statuses such as not started, escalated, in progress, closed and reopened. 

At the time of this review, these are some of the limitations of NetSuite CRM according to SelectHub analysts:

  •  The software is available as a bundled product in four modules, and customers can’t choose to buy individual modules depending on their needs. 
  •  It doesn’t provide native integrations with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter and requires third-party integrations such as Celigo. 
  •  There aren’t native integrations for G Suite and Office 365 — users need to use connectors to access these apps. 
  •  There’s no free trial, and customers can’t explore the CRM capabilities in real time. 
  •  It lacks native chat capability and requires integration with LiveChat app. 
  •  It doesn’t support multiple logins of the same user simultaneously from multiple PCs. 

NetSuite CRM Suite Support

NetSuite offers a full range of support in different plans like Basic, Premium and Advanced, each of which provides specific service levels and capabilities. These include online case submissions, live chat assistance, and managed services.

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not available.
phonePhone: Support agents can be reached via phone 24/7.
schoolTraining: While no formal training is offered, educational resources like business solution articles, datasheets, role-based demos, webinars and white papers are available.
local_offerTickets: No ticket support is listed.

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