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Why use Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Key differentiators & advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Gain a 360-Degree View: Sales and marketing benefit from a single source of customer data, allowing them to provide a consistent experience for buyers. Customer service teams also get a view of every customer’s journey across all touchpoints. 
  • Execute Multichannel Campaigns: Your company can target a number of channels for lead generation, including email marketing, events, SMS, landing pages and more. The system also provides a connector to lead gen forms for LinkedIn, enabling audience targeting, lead nurturing and buyer journey creation using LinkedIn information. 
  • Deliver Exceptional Service: Predictive care tools and AI insights provide customer service agents with data that lets them proactively tackle issues and reach the best outcomes. Other tools include intelligent case routing, gamification elements that encourage high performance, self-service options, agent performance metrics and more. 
  • Boost Conversion Rates: The system uses scoring models to determine which contacts are most likely to convert, and smart scheduling capabilities ensure reps reach out at the best time. Sales reps can view lead score, lead trend and lead grade metrics to determine the status of each contact and target the hottest opportunities for better win rates. 
  • Personalize Messaging: Embedded insights reveal the most relevant, personalized messaging to use. These insights work alongside segmentation capabilities to ensure your team is always sending tailored content to the right audience. You can also customize landing pages using prospects’ data. 
  • Connect With LinkedIn Sales Navigator: This capability allows sales reps to conduct relationship selling. It provides data and rich profiles, such as related leads, enabling your sales team to create trust with contacts. 
  • Optimize Content: Metrics show which contacts open emails, reply, click links and interact in other ways. This informs email strategies, enabling sellers to provide relevant content and reply with timeliness. The software also supports customer surveys, providing a deeper understanding of customer needs. 
  • Use Other MS Tools: Microsoft Dynamics 365 has Office 365 apps built in, so your team can work with familiar tools like Excel and Outlook. 
  • Streamline Processes: AI-driven prompts simplify data entry for records. Sales reps can also access playbooks that share sales techniques. Together, these allow sales reps to focus more on selling. In addition, the system facilitates a smooth hand-off from marketing to sales. It automatically sends leads to sales reps once the lead’s score reaches the level you determine. 

Industry Expertise

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is suitable for companies in any industry. Its CRM applications serve customers in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, government and financial services spaces, among others. Major clients include Macy’s, HP and Beyond Bank.

Key Features

  • Campaign Builder: Microsoft Dynamics 365 facilitates campaign setup and execution via a visual building tool. The drag-and-drop interface lets you arrange template tiles to design a customer journey. You can set triggers based on a range of rules, choose segmented groups, assign emails, include events or surveys, and more. 
  • Dashboards: The system is equipped with two types of dashboards. User dashboards are solely visible to and controlled by individual users. System dashboards, in contrast, are visible to everyone (with the option to reduce visibility to certain roles) and are customized and controlled by system admins. Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards can display a host of metrics related to leads, revenue and other data sources. You also have the option to customize them to show the most important KPIs. 
  • Lead Nurturing: Account-based marketing features provide capabilities such as customer segmentation, personalized email content and performance metrics. You can build buyer journeys and set rules that define a lead’s score based on the individual lead record, the related contact or the related account. 
  • Integrations: In addition to achieving integration with the Dynamics 365 toolset and other MS applications, you can integrate the platform with partner systems. For greater extendability, the system integrates with Zapier to offer access to more than 1,500 apps. 
  • Event Management: The software has an event portal where you can control all aspects of the event, from registrations and speakers to sessions and venue logistics. It also integrates with ON24 and other providers to support running webinars. 
  • Customer Service Insights: Powered by AI, machine learning and BI tools, this feature enables you to track KPIs. Monitor things like customer satisfaction levels, a range of case metrics, backlog trends, incoming support topics, engagement patterns, support agent performance and more. Dashboards show data visually for at-a-glance insights. 
  • Customer Insights: This feature (which is available as an add-on) uses AI to support marketing efforts. You can use Microsoft Graph to input audience intelligence and build triggered workflows with Microsoft Flow. A Microsoft Power BI connection lets you customize reports and dashboards, and Microsoft PowerApps allows you to create custom apps. Governance tools and security features ensure GDPR compliance and data privacy. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite Support

Microsoft lists a number of support options on its website, based on the version of the software and whether you’re using the cloud or on-premise solution. A number of self-service options are available, including a searchable knowledge base of help articles, a troubleshooting guide and a user community. There are also guides for users, admins and developers.

phonePhone: Technical support is available for cloud users. You can reach the U.S. number at +1 (800) 865-9408. The support team is available Monday through Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. local time, and on Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. local time. For other country phone numbers and support hours, visit Microsoft’s website.
schoolTraining: Microsoft Learn provides free modules in a self-paced format, with learning paths for Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Marketing and Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. Additionally, Microsoft Learning Partners offer paid instructor-led training classes. The content is delivered live, via virtual classrooms or in-person at a training center. There’s also a learning portal that provides workshops, courses, videos and more.
local_offerTickets: This option is available to cloud customers. To generate a new support request, visit the Dynamics 365 Admin center.

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