Benefits and Insights

Why use LiveChat?

Key differentiators & advantages of LiveChat

  • Reduces Costs: LiveChat helps companies cut costs by employing a smaller staff. It allows customer service agents to talk with multiple visitors at once to maintain efficiency. 
  • Boosts Customer Satisfaction: The software provides customer information like name and current page viewed so agents are able to operate with full context. This visibility, along with customer feedback surveys and chat ratings, helps companies increase CSAT (customer satisfaction) scores. 
  • Enables Faster Responses: The software facilitates timely responses through real-time interactions, canned responses and chat previews that show what a customer is typing before they hit send. 
  • Offers Free Trial: Users can test the software for 14 days to see if it works for them before committing to a purchase. The free trial offers the features included with the Team package. 
  • Provides 24/7 Support: Companies can provide round-the-clock support via integration with ChatBot, allowing customers to get their questions answered at any time. 
  • Lightens Workloads: Integration with a knowledge base reduces the number of queries that agents need to handle by allowing customers to find answers in the company knowledge base directly from the chat. 
  • Lets Users Customize: Configurable widgets enable the creation of personal experiences that are on-brand. Users can change colors, upload the company logo, add introductions and agent headshots, set chat button types, and optimize for web and mobile interfaces. The chat window also supports 45 languages. 

Industry Expertise

LiveChat has been deployed by 28,000 customers across the globe, encompassing sectors such as HR, education, automotive, travel, customer service, foreign exchange and e-commerce.

Key Features

  • Ticketing System: This module streamlines and simplifies the process of managing tickets. Users can create tickets from email or chat, group related cases with tags, assign tickets, schedule automated follow-ups and track open cases via a dashboard. Any messages sent after hours are saved as a ticket so no conversations are left untouched. 
  • Chat Routing: This feature ensures that customers speak to the most suitable agent based on department (sales or service, for example). Incoming chats can be routed automatically based on criteria like URL, or they can enter a queue for agents to manually select from. 
  • Reporting: A range of reports and analysis tools grant visibility into support efforts for a better understanding of performance. Managers can project staffing needs, monitor agent activity, track effectiveness via ticket statistics, drill down based on tags or groups and view high-level metrics like number of chats. Reports can be scheduled and delivered in multiple formats including CSV and XLS. 
  • Marketplace: LiveChat offers integration with more than 170 third-party tools for CMS, CRM, help desk, analytics, email marketing and e-commerce. Integrations include Slack, Calendly, Dropbox, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook Messenger, ChatBot and MailChimp. 
  • Eye-Catcher: This tool increases engagement with chat widgets by letting users add visuals like images and GIFs that help draw attention to the chat. 
  • Notifications: This feature prevents messages from going unanswered via visual and audio alerts. Users can select the type of notifications to receive — new messages, new chats, etc. 
  • File Sharing: Reps can provide information when needed through this feature, such as sharing tutorials or marketing collateral. Visitors can also share files. 
  • Chat Archives: Users don’t have to worry about losing historical information with the ability to refer to chat histories. This feature is included in all plans, but the Starter package has a limit of 60 days. 
  • E-Commerce: Managers are able to estimate and measure the effectiveness of LiveChat with tools for goal setting and sales tracking. 
  • Security: LiveChat provides robust security via SSL encryption, single sign-on (SSO), two-step authentication, credit card masking, access restriction and audit logs. It’s hosted on U.S. or E.U. data centers and supports IP blocking. 

LiveChat Suite Support

Customers with an Enterprise plan receive support in addition to what’s listed below, including a dedicated account manager, legal aid, and consultation for implementation and integration. LiveChat also offers support for developers with API status and docs, a developer console, blog posts and a community.

mail_outlineEmail: The support team is available by emailing [email protected] or via the website live chat option.
phonePhone: Phone support is available for all pricing tiers.
schoolTraining: Training sessions are only offered for customers with the Enterprise plan. LiveChat provides self-guided training to all users in the form of help articles and webinars. There’s also a user community.
local_offerTickets: No ticket system is available.