Benefits and Insights

Why use LeadMaster?

Key differentiators & advantages of LeadMaster

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Customer service professionals can drive customer satisfaction with analytical reports that help them manage workflows, identify overdue cases, and track progress and performance metrics. The ability to spot cases that need attention enables users to act promptly. 
  • Enhanced Performance: Streamlining and automating manual tasks and measuring campaign outcomes improves performance. Process automation allows sales reps to manage sales funnels efficiently, focus on closing sales and acquire new leads. 
  • Sustained Customer Loyalty: Users can nurture leads and cultivate long-term prospects with personalized emails. They can decide the appropriate frequency, send mass emails, stay informed and manage targeted campaigns. The system supports receiving notifications or call backs for email opens. 
  • Smooth Pipeline Management: It’s possible to manage pipelines efficiently by leveraging analytical reports and dashboards. It only takes 10 minutes to set up the opportunity management feature. 
  • Free Trial: LeadMaster offers a 30-day free trial, ensuing complete use so users can test out the software before committing. Capabilities during the trial include integration with other applications, sales funnel and lead distribution, email marketing automation, lead nurturing scheduling and report generation. 

Industry Expertise

LeadMaster caters to SMBs across different industries such as insurance, telecommunication, mortgage and debt, healthcare, real estate, marketing and advertising, education, finance, manufacturing and distribution, and education.

Key Features

  • Lead Management: Users can evaluate and classify leads, log and track their status, update lead score and access data. Real-time notifications let them act fast on hot leads, and actionable reports enable them to evaluate marketing and sales strategies. 
  • Opportunity Management: LeadMaster allows users to ensure long-lasting relationships and repeat sales with personalized communications. They can track leads, judge win probability and check recommended solutions using forecasts. It’s also possible to access real-time data, opportunity notes and detailed customer histories. 
  • Case Management: This feature assists with tracking and solving customer service issues quickly and efficiently. Users can associate new cases with customer records, assign tickets to the most appropriate staff members, customize fields to capture specific business information, automate processes using workflows and respond to common questions using built-in templates. 
  • Integrated Telephony: The system offers a range of softphone features including pre-recorded messages, conversation recording on web storage or hard drive, IVR and sophisticated call routing, and call holds. Other capabilities include a click dialer to convert phone numbers into live links, call monitoring and coaching, three-way call transfer, and complete phone switch. 
  • Campaign Management and Analysis: A built-in campaign management system helps drive better results, letting users analyze ROI and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in real time. 
  • Landing Pages: Landing page templates, equipped with several fields such as company, phone, contact and email, gather information to build up the database without the need for a technical expert. 
  • Outlook Integration: Integration with Outlook allows users to track activities in real time, as well as sync email, calendar and contacts between the platform and Outlook. The email marketing system helps track ROI, nurture leads and record communications. 
  • Smart Queue: This tool helps improve sales reps productivity without any training. They can manage call centers and inside sales efficiently, as the system can choose high priority call records automatically. It supports predefined lead scoring, combines call dispositions and workflows, assigns top calls to agents and organizes call records from different sources. Integration with different cloud dialing solutions ensures cost-effective click-to-call and power dialing. 


At the time of this review, these are some of the limitations of LeadMaster according to user feedback:

  •  Database can’t prevent duplicate customers. 
  •  Data entry is cumbersome as some information needs to be entered more than once. 
  •  Auto texts aren’t long enough. 

LeadMaster Suite Support

The support hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can send queries to [email protected]
phonePhone: Support agents are available at 800-699-4164.
schoolTraining: Users can check 3-5 minute help videos on specific topics and visit the blog for detailed help articles. LeadMaster also shares information for programmers and developers through API, and offers personal guidance from partners.
local_offerTickets: No ticket support is listed.

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