Benefits and Insights

Why use HubSpot Sales?

Key differentiators & advantages of HubSpot Sales

  • Unified CRM: Users can deploy HubSpot Sales with other HubSpot products to achieve an ecosystem that spans sales, marketing and service. The interconnected hubs remove department silos, facilitate seamless data flow and enhance collaboration across teams. 
  • Improved Lead Identification: The platform lets users identify prospects who are interested in their services and products, track their visits in real time and follow up via personalized emails and reminders using scheduled delivery. Instant notifications for email opens, clicks and downloads help ensure quick responses. 
  • Enhanced Lead Connection: With detailed insights, users can prioritize and follow up with the hottest leads by sending instant emails using templates or reaching them via phone. Engagement can be increased by scheduling emails or reaching out to prospects at a specific time. 
  • Efficiently Managed Pipelines: Users can set up and manage pipelines without expensive training or consultation. It lets them create new deals that get auto-filled with records, track deals easily, and manage contact records, lifecycle stages and custom deal stages. Automated workflows let users create and assign tasks, as well as rotate leads. Customizable reports track performance and sales activities through metrics such as quotas, productivity and pipeline health. 
  • Mobility: The software is available on mobile devices, allowing users to manage deals and tasks from any place and device. It helps them keep up with leads while away from the desk. 
  • Improved Lead Conversion: Users can close more deals using predictive lead scoring and prioritizing outreach based on winning potential. Live chat helps sales reps connect with prospects in real time and book more meetings. It’s also possible to draft personalized pitches using playbooks, follow-up with tailored proposals, and collect payments and e-signatures seamlessly. 
  • Smooth Integration: The platform integrates with more than 230 apps including Salesforce, Google Contacts, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Outlook and Zoho CRM. 

Industry Expertise

Hubspot caters to agencies, nonprofits and startups across industries such as consumer services, e-commerce, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, professional services, real estate and software.

Key Features

  • Sales Automation: Users can send a series of timed emails to prospects with automated follow-ups and customize messages with personalization tokens such as contact and company details. Open, click and reply data highlights the most effective templates and sequences to drive optimized results. 
  • Email Tracking:  Instant notifications alerts users when a prospect opens email and clicks a link inside, or downloads an important document such as a proposal. Users can personalize outreach for engaged leads and automate outreach for prospects who don’t engage, ensuring more email opens, booked meetings, answered calls and sales. They can also see a lead’s history at a quick glance and track which documents, emails and links were opened and when.  
  • Contact Insights: Guesswork is eliminated by tracking prospects’ recent email interactions and accessing contact records. This lets users send personal, context-based messages based on detailed contact information. 
  • Prospect Management: This feature lets users focus on interested prospects instead of chasing down cold leads, using visitor and page view data as well custom views for sales reps. Filters allow users to slice and dice data using criteria such as number of visits, geography and company size. Daily email digests and revisit notifications ensure timely follow-up. 
  • Email Templates: Users can turn most repetitive sales emails into templates by accessing a library or creating from scratch. Real-time metrics such as open and click rates provide actionable information about customer behavior, helping optimize emails and identify time-saving and high-performing templates. 
  • Call Tracking: This feature helps users prioritize an entire day’s calls and set up queues using engagement and contact property data. They can place and record calls right from the desktop browser, and log every call in HubSpot CRM automatically using sales tools, freeing up time to spend on core business functions. 
  • Email Scheduling: Users can schedule emails directly from Gmail inbox so they’re delivered at the right time. Since these are automatically saved as drafts, users can cancel or make changes to them at any time. 
  • Customizable Pipelines: Creating new leads quickly and customizing them to match the sales process is possible with this feature. Sales dashboards enable tracking progress toward monthly activities, sales quotas, and overall value and health of pipelines. This lets users see the potential revenue scope and focus on the right deals. 
  • Playbooks: Users can improve sales performance and make data-driven decisions with access to playbooks, product sheets, sales collateral and pricing guidelines. They can also prepare for discovery calls using call scripts, take notes from within the interface and save those to the corresponding record. Managers can train new team members using the tools so they can instantly access coaching, mentorship and business insights. 
  • Meeting Scheduling: Prospects can automatically schedule 1:1 and group meetings with sales reps. The meetings sync to Google or Office 365 calendar, allowing prospects to see sales reps’ availability. 
  • Conversations: Sales reps can connect with prospects and customers in real time using live chat and Facebook Messenger. Chats can be customized with brand colors and connected to team email addresses for easy collaboration and efficiency. Emails can be assigned to specific individuals or distributed evenly, with filters that ensure incoming emails get answered quickly. 
  • Chatbots: Users can automate and scale conversations using chatbots, customizing conversations to match brand voice and tone using a visual editor. The feature helps qualify leads, book meetings, answer common support questions and more. 
  • Quotes Tool: Customizable, auto-populated sales quotes can be generated with a click by pulling in company and contact information from HubSpot CRM. Users can streamline the quote-to-cash process with integrated electronic signatures and payment. 


At the time of this review, these are some of the limitations of Hubspot Sales according to user feedback:

  •  Managing data and notes is challenging due to duplicate copies, and merging is time-consuming. 
  •  Web-based toolset isn’t always as responsive as working on a local or client-based application or NAS. 
  •  Gmail plugin features break quite often and need to be reinstalled. 
  •  Adjusting an email’s scheduled send time on the dashboard removes the email from the queue. 

HubSpot Sales Suite Support

Users are encouraged to join the community for solutions and tips from experts, check the knowledge base for how-to articles and guides, and read reference documentations for API and CMS development.

Apart from these, they can also collaborate with partners, read about existing customers’ experiences in blog posts, and join User Groups (HUGs) to meet local community users and leverage in-person networking and education.

mail_outlineEmail: Email and chat support is available for Starter, Professional and Enterprise accounts.
phonePhone: Phone support is available at 1-888-482-7768 x3 for Professional and Enterprise accounts.
schoolTraining: Hubspot offers video training, courses and certifications for users.
local_offerTickets: No ticket support is listed.
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