Benefits and Insights

Why use HubSpot CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of HubSpot CRM

  • Free Version: HubSpot’s free forever edition eases budget concerns for small businesses while still providing a set of robust features that can be used by companies irrespective of their size. 
  • Growth Platform: The software helps analyze and keep track of employee performance, making it easy to coach users and improve team productivity. With individual performance reports, managers can work towards their team’s outcomes. 
  • Data Insights: Users can track team activity, productivity and individual performance with an up-to-the-minute view of the sales pipeline. 
  • Bulk Email: The platform allows users to save time and effort by sending bulk emails that are automatically optimized for different devices. 
  • Bulk Storage: Users don’t have to worry about deleting data or incurring costs due to hitting storage limits. The system provides storage and access up to 1 million contacts with no expiration date. 
  • Workflow Automation: This feature streamlines and simplifies work by taking care of things such as lead rotation and task creation. Combined with a free form filling tool, it helps attract visitors to the company’s site. It also automatically organizes, enriches and tracks contacts in a structured timeline to facilitate easy connections. 
  • Built-in Analytics: With this capability, users can easily monitor pages, offers and traffic sources that are driving communications. Since the platform supports bulk emailing, the feature also helps understand customer intent based on what they open, click and navigate on the website. 

Industry Expertise

HubSpot CRM caters to businesses of all sizes across various domains such as finance, e-commerce, consumer services, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and many more. The platform supports over 73,400 customers in more than 120 countries. HubSpot is known as a leader in the inbound marketing methodology, and offers tools and resources to help companies grow using inbound marketing.

Key Features

  • Pipeline Tracking: The platform auto-populates data from new deals so that users can eliminate manual entries in forms. Users can add, edit and delete stages and properties from entered deals without help from IT. 
  • Lead Management: This feature helps sales representatives sort and filter a prospect’s information based on geography, company size and number of visits. Custom views aid tracking prospects for optimum outreach. 
  • Monitoring: The platform monitors and gives insight on a prospect’s website activity and identifies new prospects that visit the company’s website. 
  • Email Tracking and Notifications: Users can track sent emails and customer activities, as well as align timed follow-ups for optimum sales growth. 
  • Email Templates: This feature promotes effective outreach and communication by making it quick and easy to draft emails. 
  • Scheduling: Users can sync Google and Outlook meetings, making it easy for prospects to pick an available time slot that’s convenient for them. The platform can also schedule team meetings with prospects so users can maintain relationships and increase sales. 
  • Reporting: The system can generate customizable reports and dashboards to enable sharing metrics with team members, which can stimulate business growth. 
  • Live Chat: This feature enhances customer experience and reduces the chances of a prospect slipping through the cracks by enabling users to solve the queries of existing and interested customers in real-time. 


These are the product's limitations at the time of this writing, based on user reviews:

  • HubSpot does not provide a feed forum for sales reps to share announcements, create team groups, or share attachments and collateral. 
  • HubSpot does not provide a user-centric audit trail to track user activities and actions taken. 

HubSpot CRM Suite Support

HubSpot CRM email and phone support is only offered to paid users. However, users with the free plan can get support by raising a ticket, connecting with existing users or visiting the community of partners and employees.
mail_outlineEmail: Support email ID is restricted to paid users.
phonePhone: Paid users can call 1-888-HUBSPOT x3 for support. Users calling from outside of the U.S. can choose their country and can connect through alternate numbers.
schoolTraining: HubSpot CRM provides an array of reference materials such as reports, research papers, ebooks, guides, free courses and certifications.
local_offerTickets: A ticketing system is restricted to paid users.

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