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Why use Haystack CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Haystack CRM

With HaystackCRM, a user has access to a web app and mobile apps with the 
same account. Besides adding features missing from other mobile CRMs, 
layering real-time updates into the system was incorporated. With flexibility 
to enter data quickly throughout the day or sales process, HaystackCRM 
responds to the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce. 

Customers have found ways to optimize their sales process and keep track 
of their customers in a clean layout. Quoting is a feature available to all 
users, including as a feature on iOS. Email ingestion is a one-time setup so 
that you can track your email conversations within HaystackCRM. Team 
hierarchy is available to give customizable teams with different visibilities 
with a paid account.
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