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Why use Follow Up Boss?

Key differentiators & advantages of Follow Up Boss

  • Complete Visibility: Users can get complete visibility into their operations from a centrally-managed database. These collections include customers and agent information, communication histories, sales and after-sales services. This way, users can stay organized and maintain priorities. 
  • Central Data Management: Follow Up Boss maintains a central log of all contacts, leads, prospects and customers for easy access and management.  
  • Increased Conversion Rate: With Follow Up Boss, agents and salespersons can increase their response rate and virtually engage with a lead without being tied to their desks. Improved response and engagement rates subsequently lead to an increased conversion rate and more closed deals. 
  • Seamless Collaboration: The software facilitates two-way communication and better collaboration within teams through a team inbox, shared calendar, collaborator additions, contacts and customers. 
  • Integrations: Follow Up Boss has over 30 out-of-the-box integrations for seamless operations. It also has an open API that lets users build integrations to better suit their business practices. 
  • Mobile Access: The mobile app supports both iOS and Android devices so agents can stay mobile. 

Industry Expertise

Follow Up Boss is dedicated to small to mid-sized real estate teams. Since 2011, Follow Up Boss has served thousands of brokers, team leaders and solo agents managing real estate sales.

Key Features

  • Contact Management:  Follow Up Boss aggregates and manages contacts like leads, prospects and customers in a central location. Contact details and communication history are easily accessible for more organized engagement and follow up. 
  • Lead Aggregation:  The application integrates with over 200 real estate lead providers such as Zillow,,, and Ylopo. Users can receive leads directly through the system without having to manage multiple platforms and communications afterward. 
  • Lead Management:  It segregates leads into new and hot leads, and prepares call lists and referrals so that agents and salespersons can prioritize their activities. It also facilitates improved communications with pre-formatted text messages and emails. 
  • Lead Scoring:  With lead scoring that defines hot, cold and new leads, users can analyze and pursue their most engaged leads to close more deals and improve their conversion rate. 
  • Lead Routing:  Users can manage and distribute leads in a unified manner using advanced lead flow rules. This ensures that agents get the leads they are best suited to handle. 
  • Smart Lists:  Users can create smart lists to follow up on their leads using dynamic filters. Leads with similar interests, engagement rates, zip codes and budgets get grouped and refresh automatically based on defined criteria. This lets users focus on the most important activity — following up instead of wasting time on manual lead sorting. 
  • Client/Property Matching:  Dynamic filters match leads to the properties best-suited to their zip codes and budgets. Agents can then arrange tours and organize offers accordingly. 
  • Calendar Management:  With an auto-synced two-way Google Calendar integration, users can set up daily tasks like meetings, calls, tours, appointments, follow ups and more. Team members can also assign tasks to each other and collaborate effortlessly using the Calendar feature. 
  • Call Management:  With a built-in one-click dialer and automated call tracking, users can save time calling prospects. Users can also directly measure their conversion rate within the platform to improve their performance records. 
  • Text Management:  Users can follow up on their calls and appointments with pre-formatted and personalized texts using Follow Up Boss. Messages are manageable from the mobile and desktop app and are accompanied by reports on response rate for further analysis. 
  • Email Management and Automation:  With two-way inbox integration, out-of-the-box email templates and automated workflows, users can easily manage their email communications with leads. They can also track and analyze these leads centrally, maintain notes and plan activities related to each lead. 
  • Performance Management:  It tracks major performance KPIs like leads allocated, lead quality per lead source, number of communications and subsequent follow-ups, response rates and close ratios. This data can be utilized to analyze efforts and efficiency and improve performance on an individual and team level. 
  • Sales Forecasting:  Follow Up Boss gives users a visual overview of their business performance with a drag-and-drop deal pipeline, deal values, commission values, expected close dates, and conversion rates, which can be used to estimate revenue. 
  • Marketing Workflows and Action Plans:  Users can actively engage their new leads, hot prospects, clients, past clients and referrals using a wide range of criteria to create communication action plans. While emails and texts can be automated to cut down operational time, calls and appointments are supported with timely reminders, and tasks are tracked for better accountability. 
  • Reports:  Follow Up Boss offers detailed reports on each aspect of sales operations, lead sources, number and quality of leads, communication history and response rates, agents’ performance, conversion rates and more. With rich data and deeper insights, users can identify challenges and discover opportunities for better decision-making. 

These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Pricing plans are on the expensive side 
  •  Mobile apps have limited functionality 

Follow Up Boss Suite Support

Follow Up Boss provides support to its users through live chat, phone and email seven days a week, between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.
mail_outlineEmail: Support experts can be emailed at [email protected]
phonePhone: During business hours, users can reach support experts by calling or texting +1-855-622-5311.
schoolTraining: Users can access training and onboarding support through documentation, video tutorials and online workshops.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a ticket by using the chat and support window within their account after logging in. Tickets are responded to in priority order.
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