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Why use ClientLook?

Key differentiators & advantages of ClientLook

  • Cloud-Based Deployment: Users do not have to invest in hardware, as cloud-based deployments are handled by the service provider. 
  • Intuitive Interface: ClientLook offers a simple, intuitive interface to its users so that all information is organized systematically. 
  • Stakeholder Organization: Users can manage all stakeholders like builders, developers, brokers, investors, owners and tenants right from the platform with dedicated portals for each group. 
  • Mobile Apps:  Since real estate professionals are often on the move constantly, ClientLook offers fully-featured mobile apps on both Android and iOS devices with an auto-sync feature to manage work efficiently. 
  • Time Management: With centrally managed data and activities, virtual assistants and a mobile app, ClientLook helps users manage their time efficiently, manage more properties and book more sales and lease agreements. 
  • Integrations: ClientLook offers easy integrations with tools like REALTORS Property Resource (RPR), The Analyst PRO, MailChimp, Buildout, and Google apps to create a powerful interconnected resource. 

Industry Expertise

ClientLook is exclusively built for commercial real estate industry professionals like agents, developers and brokers. With a 99% renewal rate, ClientLook serves numerous clients regardless of their size and geography.

Key Features

  • Contact Management: With ClientLook, users can manage a central record of all contact data. They can import and export contact data files, scan business cards and record voicemail on the move to update contact data with the help of virtual assistants so that no information is left behind. 
  • Lead Capture: Users can capture online leads from multiple resources and sync them directly into the platform. Once synced, these leads are checked for duplication by virtual assistants and are routed through standard operating procedures defined by the user. 
  • Property Tracking: Users can manage their commercial real estate database with ClientLook by maintaining a central record of properties, images, contacts, availability and other features. 
  • Deal Management: Users can record their deals as ClientLook summarizes activities, files and updates in one place. It also helps users with client collaboration facilitating deal progress. 
  • Pipeline Tracking: With ClientLook, users can stay ahead of every opportunity as it tracks deal value, projected close date, sales stage and more. Users can also search for deals and opportunities by type, group and other custom filters to categorize them better. 
  • Listing Management: ClientLook helps users manage their listings with detailed information on availability, pricing and expiration. Users can publish these listings online to various service providers and use ClientLook virtual assistants to update listings later. 
  • Activity ManagementFEATURE: Users can schedule activities related to contacts, deals, properties and comps through ClientLook and sync them to the calendar to get notifications about calls, meetings, tours, lease expiration, option renewals and more. 
  • Email Marketing: With third party integration to email marketing services, ClientLook also enhances email marketing for its users. Once integrated, users can send campaigns, manage campaign activities, check engagement reports and optimize performance. 
  • Client Collaboration: ClientLook offers dedicated client portals for its users, letting them provide better services to their clients. These client portals can be used to communicate with clients, share offers, brochures and reports, record insights from calls, marketing campaigns and tours and maintain a real-time activity feed. Clients can also search and download files and add their comments. This accessibility helps users maintain engagement and get a better chance at closing a deal. 
  • Virtual Assistant: ClientLook offers a team of virtual assistants to its clients, who can manage time-consuming workflows for them. These include contact management, listing management, manual data entry and data enrichment, tenant verification, email marketing, research liaison and tour verifications. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:
  •  Advanced search filters can be improved 
  •  Some integrations are cumbersome 
  •  Cross object filtering is not available 
  •  The interface can be clunky with only one field allowed per row 
  •  The software can be slow sometimes, especially if there is a large amount of data involved 

ClientLook Suite Support

ClientLook offers support to its users through email, phone and an online customer support center during business hours.
mail_outlineEmail: Users can reach support experts by emailing at [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can reach support experts by phone by calling at 888-552-5665 ext:2.
schoolTraining: The platform offers documentation and video tutorials for onboarding and training. Users can also avail webinars, online and in-person training.
local_offerTickets: Users can raise a ticket for their queries and concerns to an online help desk after logging in to the system. Support experts are available during business hours and resolve the tickets in order of priority.

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