Benefits and Insights

Why use Chime CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Chime CRM

  • Intelligent Advertising: AI-assisted advertising helps gather data and offers insights to devise the best possible campaign strategy. It enables users to calculate keywords, high frequency bidding, creative variations, targeting and more. 
  • Optimized Lead Generation and Capturing: Users can know customers better via a lead capture engine that gathers information about leads with thorough testing and optimization. AI-enabled tools eliminate guesswork and intent targeting helps identify and attract potential leads. 
  • Instant Response: Users can save time, spot hot leads to focus on, increase quality of leads and manage bulk leads using automated tags. An AI-powered assistant ensures automatic, instant and customizable responses to inquiries from new leads. 
  • Smart Transactions: Users can create automated workflows using smart action plans and track transaction data using integration tools. Digital tools help organize and upload files smoothly and track transaction details along with visibility of aggregated earnings. 
  • Data Insights: Real-time access to key metrics like GCI, revenue, sales data and closing data enables users to make data-driven business decisions. 
  • Effective Teamwork: Users can customize the roles of agents to ensure strong teamwork and improved client relationships. Lead routing helps assign leads to agents, lenders and assistants based on price, location, source and type, while timely follow-up is supported with Blast Alert or Next Up. Lead Pond shares and distributes leads within a team, allowing agents to claim leads and achieve the best possible productivity. 

Industry Expertise

Chime CRM caters to solo agents, small teams, brokers and enterprises in the real estate industry.

Key Features

  • AI Assistant: With automatic and instant response, this feature helps turn leads into business through seamless integration. Agents can follow up with the right campaigns and workflows using Smart Plans and send automated property recommendations using Auto Property Alerts. 
  • Lead Insights: Users are provided with actionable insights and smart suggestions using behavioral lead analysis, which monitors engagement indicators and site activities. Dynamic lead score helps set priorities, based on factors like online behavior, property info and contact validity. 
  • Operational Intelligence: Users can make informed business decisions with the ability to measure website traffic in a live timeline. Listing management helps users determine the best match of buyers with listings and communication analysis streamlines dialogues. 
  • Reporting and Forecasting: Users can determine business goals and track progress by closings, volume, revenue and GCI. They can generate performance reports to monitor team productivity, provide helpful feedback, and check the status of business goals and real-time analytics through up-to-date business reports. 
  • Automated Lead Nurturing: This feature allows users to find the best lead matches according to search criteria, set up automatic property alerts based on customers’ behavior and encourage prompt actions on customers’ part. It uses instant market analysis and ongoing trends to accomplish this. 
  • Communication Management: Users can communicate with customers effectively using individual and mass texting, and manage conversations directly in the system. The platform integrates with Gmail, iCloud, Exchange and Yahoo and offers auto-email capabilities. Click-to-call enables users to schedule follow-ups, leave voice messages, call clients and add document conversation notes with minimal clicks. 
  • Smart Plans: Engaging leads for both short term and long term is possible based on closing dates, holidays and birthdays. Users can streamline internal transaction and sales processes using automated action plans and build a toolset quickly using a content library.  
  • Power Dialer: Users are enabled to approach leads in the best possible way using smart scripts, set automated text or voice messages for unanswered calls, and transfer calls directly to immediately available agents. Leveraging pipeline status and profile information, they can also create custom call lists or generate automatic call lists. 
  • Mobile App: Users can contact prospects quickly using automatic dialling and stay thoroughly connected through real-time chat and instant notifications. They can also sort, filter and engage leads on the go. 
  • Integrations: Chime integrates with Realtor, Zillow, Homes, Redfin, Trulia, RE/MAX, Flipt, Bold Leads and more to ensure easy migration of leads. The platform also supports popular apps such as Gmail, MailChimp, BombBomb, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and Zapier, as well as transaction tools like Brokermint and Dotloop. 

  • Website Design and Analysis: Using website templates, business owners can simplify the design process and create a brand voice in less time. The easy-to-use CMS helps customize the site design with just a few clicks. With an IDX website, users can manually add pocket listings of their choice and offer nationwide support for MLS. 
  • Database Management: Making data-driven business decisions is possible as users have access to detailed and updated information on hot properties, demographics, marketing trends and school districts for more than 190,000 neighborhoods, spread across 29,000 cities. The site supports school district search so that prospect buyers can find areas that fulfil their kids’ schooling requirements. 
  • Lead Capturing:  Features like Schedule a Tour, Home Evaluation and Mortgage Calculator gather insights on lead preferences, while frequent MLS updates and fast load times make the IDX site SEO friendly. 
  • Flexible and Custom Website: Users can create and configure their website without having technical expertise. Based on requirements, they can edit the website — changing page hierarchy, enlarging logo, customizing title and description or configuring the theme are some of the capabilities. They can also insert preferred images, reviews, properties, texts and lead forms. Responsive website design ensures a perfect fit for every screen size. 

  • Retargeting: This feature helps users invest the marketing budget strategically to reach potential leads, ensuring maximum possible conversion. 
  • Branding Ads: Users can use targeted ads on social media platforms and popular websites to gain exposure and establish brand voice. Property Promotion ads help promote specific properties and emphasize key listings, Zip Code Dominator ads help earn a competitive edge and Sphere Loudspeaker helps establish an online presence. 
  • Direct Mailing:  Users can reach leads directly with targeted mailing campaigns that leverage proven designs to encourage conversion. They can lock down an entire zip code and eliminate competition for that particular area. 
  • Flexible Purchasing: Different packages are available to choose from — Breakthrough, Essential and Domination. If required, users can customize a package based on unique business needs. 


At the time of this review, these are some of the limitations of Chime CRM according to user feedback:

  •  Buyers and sellers can’t manage leads simultaneously. 
  •  Certain data like partial seller leads can’t be exported without requesting access from the account executive. 
  •  Money from savings can be transferred only a couple times per month. 

Chime CRM Suite Support

Chime CRM shares the newest updates and features about the product suite in the release section of its website. Users can check the blog and library for extensive help resources.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can send queries to [email protected], Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.
phonePhone: Phone agents can be reached at 855-981-7557, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.
schoolTraining: Although there is no in-person training available, users are encouraged to check blogs for in-depth articles on tips, guides, technology, trends and more, and the library for ebooks, webinars, videos, infographics and podcasts.
local_offerTickets:No ticket support is listed.