Benefits and Insights

Why use Centra CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Centra CRM

Key Benefits of Centra CRM:

Quotations: Standardize your quotation structure, pricing, and discount/approval policies. Your hierarchies can create, approve and send quotations directly to customers using standard pricebooks, or pricing specific to contracts or customers.

Sales Orders And Invoicing: Raise sales orders directly from the approved quotation and have the system automatically trigger alerts, actions, tasks and notifications to various departments in order to execute the sale.

Surveys: Create user-definable surveys and trigger them across various stages or modules to obtain feedback from their target audiences ensuring Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

Workflows: Train the CRM system on your business rules and policies, define actions and triggers based on specific conditions, and the system monitors these sales and related processes by itself to ensure timely execution of tasks and deliverables using time-based situational workflows and alerts.

Dashboards: Create and assign multiple dashboards by roles or users to monitor real-time business or department parameters through live graphs.

Tele Marketing: Manage your tele-calling databases with ease and generate calling queues with call scripts and various other automated tools to convert calling lists into prospects and revenue-paying customers with our easy-to-use telemarketing features.

Products: Manage Products or Services with flexible price-books and attributes. Classify products by location, users, roles, profiles, and various other parameters.

Pricebooks: Maintain intelligent pricing by customers, vendors, partners, quantities, contracts, locations, divisions, departments or other variable controls across multiple currencies.

Currency: Manage global currencies’ exchange rates, historical tracking and movement, and record transactions.

Business Sales Life Cycle: Progress processes or opportunities through multiple stages and monitor parameters such as aging, approvals, mandatory stage and escalation, thereby providing visibility of the sales funnel and accurate sales projections forecasts.

Calendar Management: Create, manage and share your calendar with other internal users through rights and permissions for specific teams, locations and users, and invite other internal users for tasks and meetings.

Competitors: Competitor analysis and intelligence will help you position your price, payment terms, products, services and sales teams correctly, maximizing your results of revenue.

Partners and Resellers: Keep track of their performance, leads, opportunities, sales, and commissions, all through robust integrated partner and reseller management tools.

Route Planner And Location Trackers: Plan user routes and track if the planned routes are correctly followed. Review analytical reports such as Planned V/s Actual, and variance reports.

Communications Engine: Enable all modules to trigger smart communications through user-defined templates of emails, SMS messages, notifications, reminders or periodic actions within organizational users or external clients.

Fields And Layouts: Add field on-the-fly with rules, formats and various features. Lay these fields out on Page Layouts across modules for various users.

Custom Modules: Create customizable modules which will inherit all the critical functionalities, related modules, workflows, authorizations and all other tools to suit specific user-case scenarios.

Document Management: Provide security-based access control to all documents, track versions and manage access restrictions within a truely paperless environment. Consolidate all documents under a single, unified view with smart-search functionalities.

List Views: Create multiple list views which can be restricted to specific users and user-groups thereby ensuring that the correct information is always in sight of the logged-in user.

Search Customizations: Search across the system to pin-point a specific data item regardless of the module under which that data item resides.

Print Layouts And Design: Design print layouts to suit your organizational communication style, theme, and requirements.

Duplicate Records Management: Manage duplication through rules that prevent redundant and duplicate data-entry and merge duplicate records already within modules.

Multilingual Support: All modules of the Centra CRM are powered by a language engine providing multilingual support for data entry, data presentation and reporting.

Integration: Integrate with virtually any third party or legacy system which has open-ended system architecture through APIs.

API's: APIs allow incredible flexible building blocks to develop custom-built applications that can augment the underlying platform of the core.

Reports And BI: The BI tool allows for custom report creation using virtually any of the fields available within the module.