Benefits and Insights

Why use Zendesk Sell?

Key differentiators & advantages of Zendesk Sell

  • One Tool, Everything You Need. 
    The days of buying eight different software products to manage your sales team are long gone. Trying to hook your CRM with your email, phone dialer, sales reporting package, lead scoring ….it’s a headache you could do without. Base is built by people who understand how frustrating this can be. That’s why we’re the only platform that includes everything you need to run a sales team, in one place.

  • Sell more anywhere you are 
    It’s this kind of thinking that led us to create the number one rated mobile sales apps (check out our ratings on the app store) for iOS and Android. Base mobile apps are beautifully native, dynamic and visual, built for the mobile salesperson. We challenge you to find a better mobile selling experience. Now we don’t like to brag - not explicitly at least - so we’ll just let the reviews speak for themselves.

  • Immerse yourself in realtime, visual reporting 
    Speaking of beautiful, we think sales reports should be visually engaging and come pre-built, ready to answer your questions. That’s why we deliver reports out of the box, meaning there is literally zero setup required on your part for world class reporting. No other product provides this depth of critical reports. All you have to do is start using Base, and we’ll do the rest.

  • Unveil Powerful Insights 
    Base puts your data to work for you. Data from each customer interaction is automatically tracked to deliver insights that go beyond your typical sales report. Don’t worry, this data won’t just sit on a server and collect cyber dust - we wouldn’t waste good server space for that. We use our unique data architecture to connect the dots between each customer interaction to proactively deliver the insights that grow your business. You won’t get this anywhere else.

  • Owning Your Success 
    And while other companies pass you on to a third-party consultant who bills by the hour, that’s when we get to work. No wonder Gartner reports that only 20-40% of CRM implementations are successful. We own the entire implementation process and our inhouse team has a success rate of 97%. And it’s faster than the standard third party implementation. Working with someone who cares about your business’s success makes all the difference.