Benefits and Insights

Why use Agile CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Agile CRM

  • Saves Money: A free version lets companies with a tight budget take advantage of foundational CRM features. Supporting up to 10 users, the free option includes 1,000 contacts, custom deal tracks and data fields, email campaigns and templates, appointments, leading scoring and more. There’s no limit on deals, documents or tasks. 
  • Reduces Screen Switching: Users can improve productivity through email integration, which makes their inbox fully accessible within Agile CRM. They can send and receive emails, search for past emails located in the original app, and track metrics. The system supports syncing up to three third-party tools at a time, including Gmail and Office 365, with the option to set up IMAP as well. 
  • Provides Business Insights: Decision-makers have a range of analytics tools at their disposal to assess how well the business is performing across critical metrics. They can drill down to page visits and duration, learn the origin of website visitors, track contact behaviors, get an overview of the sales funnel, measure growth over time and more. Report customizations and delivery scheduling aid control over data analysis. 
  • Hosts Data Privately: Agile CRM ensures data privacy through individual hosting on Google’s cloud infrastructure. This method provides a single database for each client, rather than hosting all client information on a single database. 
  • Drives Revenue: With automated lead scoring, users can quickly identify and prioritize the deals that are most likely to close, generating a higher ROI for their efforts. 
  • Engages Sales Reps: Sales managers can ensure their team is motivated to perform their best with gamification features. Customizable leaderboards help prompt competition while collaborative tools foster team-wide benefits. Users can monitor performance via reports and real-time alerts. 
  • Optimizes Marketing Efforts: Marketers gain visibility into what email content works and what doesn’t by using the platform’s A/B testing capability. The software also helps marketers leverage industry insights in their campaigns with social listening, which lets them monitor influencer conversations to keep abreast of relevant trends and topics. 
  • Enhances Online Engagement: Managing online reputation and responding to issues is possible with Agile CRM’s social listening functionality. It provides data streams and notifications of complaints about the brand so users don’t have to search manually. 
  • Streamlines Work: Effective collaboration, task organization and visibility into project details can be achieved by leveraging the software’s project management capabilities. A drag-and-drop interface and filters make updating information fast and easy. 
  • Simplifies Lead Generation: The lead prospector feature enables gathering leads from social channels and importing them into the CRM database, either individually or as bulk uploads. Users can capture leads from LinkedIn via a sidebar popup and use the email finder to search for emails based on contact name and company. The option to tag leads when they’re entered in the system aids segmentation. 
  • Enables Seamless Service: The platform helps companies deliver top-notch customer service with the ability to create and manage service groups. Managers can divide agents based on different factors— assigning members to product lines where they have the most expertise, for example. Response routing ensures customers are paired with the team or agent best equipped to handle their issue. 
  • Extends Capabilities: Users can integrate Agile CRM with more than 40 third-party apps based on their needs, such as billing, e-commerce, social media, CMS, telephony, support and email. Notable plugins include Shopify, QuickBooks, Unbounce, RingCentral, Google Apps, Zendesk and Zapier. 

Industry Expertise

Agile CRM is used by more than 15,000 customers across all industries. Specializations include call centers, real estate firms and businesses in the e-commerce space.

Key Features

Agile CRM’s suite offers a broader scope of capabilities than those found in common competitors such as Insightly, Capsule and Streak.


  • Marketing Automation: A drag-and-drop designer makes building workflows easy, enabling users to create trigger-based drip campaigns. Autoresponders, email scheduling and automated social posts further increase efficiency. 
  • Email Marketing: This feature has user-friendly tools so users can spend less time building emails and more time conducting outreach and tracking results. It offers a drag-and-drop editor, custom and off-the-shelf templates, personalization, integrated lead scoring, contact list import, real-time alerts and more. 
  • Multichannel Campaigns: Marketers can cast a wider net to boost promotion and brand awareness efforts by running campaigns on multiple channels. This diverse approach lets the brand reach its audience on their preferred platforms, from social media to email to SMS. 
  • Landing Page Builder: No-code tools and templates remove the hassle from the design process for non-technical users, while a code editor empowers tech-savvy users to customize as they need. Users can add web forms to aid lead gen efforts, and responsive design ensures a proper layout on devices of any size. 
  • Web Forms and Popups: Preconfigured and customizable templates help users capture more leads via website popups and forms. They can be placed anywhere for maximum effectiveness, and users can set when popups appear for optimal engagement. Email alerts notify users of new form submissions, and automated routing sends leads to predetermined campaigns. 
  • Social CRM: Sales, marketing and service teams can seamlessly incorporate social channels into their efforts via integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Tower Data. This supports scheduled posts, campaigns, helpdesk responses, lead discovery and more. 


  • Contact Management: This feature lets users build data-rich profiles, share information across teams, track interactions via timelines and maintain data integrity through the customer lifecycle. Capabilities include bulk actions, contact import, custom fields, tags and advanced filters. 
  • Deals: Users have full control over the information for each deal and can streamline work by incorporating automated triggers for various actions and tasks. Analytics provide forecasting for future sales based on deals currently in the pipeline. Users can gain additional real-time insights through personalized dashlets, filters and multiple data views. 
  • Pipelines: The software supports multiple pipelines so users can leverage it according to their workflows. It also provides a drag-and-drop interface and custom milestones. 
  • Telephony: A comprehensive toolset supports any inbound and outbound calling needs. Features range from call automation and logs to notes and enhanced caller ID. Users can record calls and run reports to measure performance. 
  • Calendars: With built-in calendars, Agile CRM aids productivity and centralizes information. Users can add notes, determine task priority and share a link to their calendar. It can sync with Google calendar or be added to iCal. 
  • Documents: Users can upload documents or leverage native templates to facilitate contract and proposal management. E-signature functionality speeds up the process, and comment tracking provides a full history of interactions. 


  • Support Workflows: Service teams can deliver more personalized interactions and achieve greater consistency by eliminating many manual tasks. Workflow automations include status updates, assigned priority, ticket routing and SLA-related alerts. 
  • Live Chat: This feature lets users embed chat windows on their site to more readily engage with visitors. The system speeds up response times by notifying agents of new chats when they’re offline, as well as allowing one agent to handle multiple chats simultaneously. 
  • Smart Views: A configurable dashboard lets users quickly see the service data that’s most important to them. Visual elements make data easy to interpret so managers can track team performance and metrics efficiently. 
  • Ticketing System: Companies can streamline support by letting customers raise tickets and track their progress. Tickets can be created by emailing or calling support, and the system ensures all relevant information gets collected. 
  • Knowledge Base: Customers can access self-service options with this feature, reducing the workload on service agents. Categories, keyword searches and ratings help customers find content. Custom domains enable the knowledge base to integrate with a company’s main website for a seamless experience. 
  • SLAs: These tools help businesses define expectations for the service department and customers, ensuring commitments are clear. Users can measure KPIs to identify problem areas and track team and individual performance. 


At the time of this writing, Agile CRM has the following limitations according to user reviews:

  • Many customers had difficulty reaching the support team in a timely manner to resolve product or account issues. 
  • Some users found the integration options lacking (e.g., WhatsApp). 
  • The software is buggy and slow to respond at times when performing actions such as opening the chat. 
  • Users new to CRM software or less skilled technically have trouble setting the system up. 
  • The UI is poorly designed, with tricky navigation. 
  • Removing Agile branding from emails costs extra. 

Agile CRM Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Support is available 24/5 by emailing [email protected]
phonePhone: Customers can call 1+ (877) 904-4227 Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, to receive support. Calls can also be scheduled ahead of time.
schoolTraining: Webinar workshops provide live training for the product’s modules (sales enablement, marketing automation and service) to facilitate onboarding. The workshops are held a few times a month and are available on-demand after the live session. For self-serve training, users can visit the website’s support page to find setup guides and help articles that describe the various features of each module.
local_offerTickets: No ticketing system is mentioned.

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