Benefits and Insights

Why use 360 View?

Key differentiators & advantages of 360 View

  • Cross-Selling: Users can send clear and constructive marketing messages with the ability to automatically track customer interests. They can make use of frontline interactions with effective cross-selling by using data-driven automation services. This helps identify what products or services are best to offer customers. 
  • Easy Lead Creation: 360 View helps streamline the lead management process, get efficient outcomes and grow the business by enabling users to mine customer data and create a list of leads based on that information. 
  • WealthEngine: This feature provides access to customer data such as demographic, wealth data, customer segmentation, prospect bifurcation and more. Leveraging it lets users focus on marketing and sales efforts with potential leads, as well as create strategic programs for customer retention. 
  • Goals and Incentives: Sales and marketing professionals can be tracked and rewarded for their performance. This makes it easy to attract, retain and empower motivated employees. 
  • Enhanced Team Performance: Teams are able to function in a more organized, productive manner by recording daily results, viewing payouts and customizing work schedules on employee scorecards. 

Industry Expertise

360 View has been serving financial organizations for over 30 years and specializes in working with banking and credit unions. However, companies in other industries can customize the platform according to their needs.

Key Features

CRM Capabilities

  • 360-Degree View: The system lets users see customer details and activities on mobile. This allows them to use various CRM functions for analyzing relationships, products, services and profitability, as well as for meeting sales goals. 
  • Customer Tracking: The platform helps users follow and cater to customer needs, ultimately stimulating. They can do this by tracking new touchpoints that mark the customer journey. 
  • Custom Dashboard and Workflow: Users can leverage personalized settings, making the system’s functionality easy for every team. A set workflow saves time and helps teams work more effectively. Dashboards can be customized to fit the needs of companies outside the finance sectors. 
  • Pipeline Tracking: The system allows users to create and track pipeline deals to convert hot leads immediately. Users can also add referrals based on organizational standards. 
  • Loan Dues: Financial services such as managing and resolving requests and tracking loans due can be taken care of from one dashboard. 
  • Robust Reporting: The solution’s reporting feature facilitates accountability and helps drive results. Team members can create, manage and send reports. 

Other Capabilities 

  • Marketing Automation: This feature helps improve the customer lifecycle, promotes customer retention and strengthens customer relationships. Some of its capabilities include targeted market segmentation and personalized outreach. 
  • Data Analytics: Users can take the right actions at the right time by combining data analysis with the 360-degree view feature. The platform provides analytical intelligence that channelizes the user’s target market for the best outreach of the business. 
  • 360 View Guide: Users can promote peer growth and higher team morale with the option to download, save and share information about the software and its functionality via a guide. 

360 View Suite Support

The team at 360 View has a dedicated form for support on the website.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can write to 360 View on [email protected]
phonePhone: The support team can be reached at 615-242-0007 for queries.
schoolTraining:360 View has a dedicated annual event for in-person training, where users can learn and network. Customers can also refer to the website, which has a resource section that covers webinars, articles, FAQs and much more.
local_offerTickets:Support forms can be submitted through the contact section on the website.
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