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Benefits and Insights

Why use QuoteWerks?

Key differentiators & advantages of QuoteWerks

  • End-to-End Quote Management: The system streamline sales processes and increases conversion rate using an integrated quote management tool. It offers an intuitive user experience and caters to unique business needs. Sales reps can create quotes with drag-and-drop functionality and categorize them to enhance readability. Managers can generate interactive quotes, meet compliance requirements, track margin, and minimize errors and training time. 
  • Reduced Mistakes: Users can reduce errors by requesting peer feedback and approving quotes before sending them to customers. They can activate approval requirements per sales rep, per document or per line item, define conditions under which approvals are required, and specify who is authorized to approve the quote. 
  • Access to Product Details: Product Content Subscription, powered by Etilize, offers access to product details such as pictures, accessories and spec sheets, user-friendly descriptions, and detailed feature summaries. Users can leverage it to compare prices from Amazon, Dell, CDW and other major pricing platforms. It eliminates the need to download and import product files, and shows a list of similar products, increasing the chances of cross-sell. 
  • Evolved Sales Processes: The system helps sell faster and ensure customer satisfaction using branded and professional quotes and proposals. Users can create consistent, customizable and interactive quotes that include terms and conditions, SOWs, spec sheets, and contracts. 
  • Easy Payment: QuoteValet ensures a smooth and easy payment process by supporting more than 80 credit card and ACH payment gateway integrations including ConnectBooster and PayPal. This enables users to progress payments and balances, export payments, and collect deposits. 
  • Accurate Sales Tax Information: QuoteWerks’ Tax Rate Lookup service helps save a great amount of time and effort by providing easy and instant access to current tax rate information. Users can find the correct sales tax for a particular city and zip code. 
  • Reduced Training Costs: It’s possible to reduce training expenses to a great extent with webinar sessions, detailed product guides and product lists for sales reps. 
  • Centralized Quote Storage: Users can find existing documents by storing and managing all documents in a central, searchable location. They can filter documents by date, company, sales rep and other criteria. 
  • Standardize Pricing and Workflows: QuoteWerks standardizes product and service offerings using an efficient workflow for document creation. It allows users to create item lists, templates and bundles. 

Industry Expertise

QuoteWerks is used by more than 86,000 users in over 100 countries. It caters to IT solution providers, VARs, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), AV/security integrators, custom integrators, audio visual professionals, manufacturers, and professionals in the security and alarm industry.

The platform is used to generate quotes for a wide variety of products including fitness equipment, clothing, office products, medical equipment, electronics and electrical equipment, HVAC, irrigation equipment, fire alarm and fire protection, landscaping, trucks, industrial equipment and more.

Key Features

  • CPQ: Users can improve customer experience and sell more using these capabilities. It enables them to streamline quoting processes, extend functionalities and close sales cycles faster by accepting online payment, knowing when to follow up and providing e-signature functionality. 
  • Quote-to-Cash: QuoteWerks’ QTC feature helps improve communication with CRM and email integration tools. With it, users can customize quotes according to customer needs, improve speed and streamline accounting, quoting and CRM processes. 
  • Procurement: Users can electronically submit purchase orders in QuickBooks, Autotask, Sage 50 US Edition, Amazon Business, ConnectWise, Dell and other manual purchase orders. They can track line item shipping status, estimated ship date, warehouse locations, shipping numbers and product serial numbers in real time for orders placed through D&H, SYNNEX, Ingram Micro and Tech Data. It’s also possible to import purchase orders, receive individual items at different times and track purchase order status. 
  • QuoteWerks Web: The desktop version of the platform lets users access existing documents, layouts, products, services and more. They can create and edit documents, search for and retrieve contact information, search, display and use product, and customize labels and columns. It offers full support with QuoteValet and Etilize. 
  • Distributor and Vendors Association: Users can quote items from distributors with real-time pricing from more than 15 supported vendors. These include Amazon Business, Cisco, D&H, Dell, HP iQuote, Ingram Micro and more. Capabilities range from quote search, creation and import to order requisitions shipment and serial number tracking. 
  • CRM and PSA Integration: QuoteWerks seamlessly integrates with popular CRM and PSA systems like Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Infor CRM, ConnectWise and GoldMine. It enables users to transfer important sales data for forecasting and reporting, share estimates and proposals with prospects, and create orders. They can combine sales quotes with business development opportunities and gain visibility into revenue streams from products, services, managed services and other sources. 
  • Accounting Integration: Users can eliminate or minimize re-typing errors, duplicate entries and costly mistakes through integration with leading accounting systems like QuickBooks, Reckon, Sage 50 and other third party add-ons. It helps create invoices when quotes become orders. 
  • QuoteValet: The platform streamlines the quote delivery and acceptance process by enabling users to track when quotes are received, viewed, reviewed and accepted. Users can accept payment through credit cards, activate electronic signing, set auto-reminders, share files, collaborate with customers and attach single or multiple videos to documents. It provides users with branded and specialized quote delivery web pages. 
  • Shipping Integrations: Users can obtain real-time shipping quotes through integration with FedEx and UPS. QuoteWerks lets users calculate, mark up and pass through shipping costs, choose from a grid of available services and pricing, and provide customers with shipping choices. 
  • Shopping Cart: With this feature users can create online order forms to automate customer re-orders, receive paid orders from promotional email blasts and offer discounts on specific items for a limited time. A website shopping cart helps create an online presence with a subset of popular products. 
  • Leasing Integration: The software integrates with Ingram Micro Lease-IT and GreatAmerica Financial Services, offering built-in lease payment calculation support, multiple lease choices, and an option to purchase or lease quotes. It also automates credit application submission, shows available lease options and enables users to create, edit and maintain lease rate cards. 
  • QuoteValet Mobile: The solution lets users create, share, accept and make payments for quotes through mobile devices. The mobile app is most suitable for quick and small orders. 
  • Summary Dashboard: Managers gain insights into the top selling products, quote stages, quarterly progress, and total number of current and historical quotes and orders. It highlights milestones, notifications for quote requests, expiring quotes and monthly sales quotas. 
  • Opportunities Dashboard: Users can check forecasts, analyze performance and gain quarterly and YTD summaries. The dashboard shows the top five won, open and lost quotes, along with the top five products by quantity and value. 
  • Reporting Dashboard: This feature allows users to filter pending quotes, keep track of details and see new opportunities. The color coded document activity history helps distinguish between customer and sales rep activities. 
  • Payment Dashboard: QuoteWerks makes it easy to view all sorts of payment levels, including partial and full, as well as payment methods such as credit card and PayPal. Users can also track document change histories, seeing who changed it and when through Audit Trail. 


At the time of this review, these are some of the limitations of QuoteWerks according to user feedback:

  •  Dashboard notifications are available only for two integration programs and not for the overall platform. 
  •  Teams or intercompany groups can’t act as members of estimates. 
  •  No auto follow-up emails are available for estimates, except for QuoteValet. 

QuoteWerks Suite Support

QuoteWerks offers a quick start guide, fast-track overview, product help documentation and remote sessions for technical assistance. An update maintenance program keeps users informed about system updates.

Users are encouraged to check training videos, webinars and a knowledge base to gain further information about the product. They can join the community forum and support forum for technical support and to submit feature requests.

mail_outlineEmail: Support agents can be reached at [email protected]
phonePhone: Support agents are available by phone at (407) 248-1481, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
schoolTraining: QuoteWerks offers Accelerated Implementation Service (AIS) to help with initial setup and integration, proficiency booster sessions for existing customers, and training sessions for admins and sales reps. There are also professional services with detailed product guidelines available through webinars, classroom training and personal guidance.
local_offerTickets: Tickets are automatically created when emails are sent. Existing support tickets can be viewed at