Benefits and Insights

Why use ZTE Next Generation Call Center?

Key differentiators & advantages of ZTE Next Generation Call Center

  • With strong network compatibility, ZTE NGCC supports smooth evolvement of operator networks. With the all-IP architecture, the NGCC can operate in TDM, NGN, 3G, and IMS networks, and provides voice, video, and data services to operators. The NGCC supports smooth transition to the IMS network.

  • The media resource server can be flexibly deployed to meet the requirement for service development. Media servers can be deployed into prefecture/city centers or regional centers in a decentralized manner. The decentralized deployment facilitates fast regional deployment of agents, and reduces long distance network resource consumption.

  • With the powerful virtual call center function, the NGCC supports centralized construction and management of call center systems. The powerful NGCC entity can be divided into multiple logically independent call centers, each logical call center owning dedicated access capability, platform resources, and agent resources.

  • The standard open services and the platform facilitate flexible fast service deployment. The system adopts standard protocols, satisfying operators' requirements. In addition, the system provides NGCC-specification-compliant interfaces and graphical development tools for systems provided by third party service vendors to access the NGCC.

  • The perfect sophisticated routing and queuing function implements unified routing and hierarchical service. The NGCC meets the requirements for provincial centralized management of the CC system and decentralized regional deployment of agents. The system p+O24rovides a graphical routing and queuing policy and hierarchical service.

  • The versatile efficient role and domain-based easy-to-use report and monitoring functions offer strong operation support for operators.