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Why use VPO?

Key differentiators & advantages of VPO

  • It provides a single platform: VPO enables all project participants to use one system to manage the entire lifecycle of the project from project inception through closeout. It can be used by Owners, Construction Management Firms, Architects, Engineers, Vendors, Suppliers, and Contractors. It can serve as the single project of record in case of a claim or dispute. And it streamlines traditional manual processes into automated processes for construction document reviews which keeps users project moving. 
  • Role-Based Permissions: It is critical that user establish security rights for team members when they are working within a single platform with multiple project participants. User’s need to ensure that people only have access to the information that they are privy to. The product can setup item-level permissions so that people can only see items involving their company or their user id. This is particularly important in areas involving confidential information like Change Orders, Applications for Payment, and Bid documents. 
  • The product offers customization: The product offers best practices as a starting point that are proven and used on real projects by real customers. VPO is very customizable, it gives users a starting point so that they can use it right out of the gate and then the product can work with users to tweak what they have and add new features that are required for user’s projects. 
  • The product promotes user adoption: VPO is very simple and easy to learn. Being built on a Microsoft platform, customers of the product say the interface and usability is no different than other Microsoft applications. So users don’t have to spend time learning a proprietary system that offers a steep learning curve. 
  • Mobility: It offers mobility that is anyone can use the software from anywhere as they still need access to their project information. Users can work from their job site, home, their car. With VPO users will have access to the online environment of their project using a PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone anytime from virtually anywhere. User’s can even sync documents locally to be able to work with them offline. And with the mobile apps users will be able to manage documents, photos, videos, field reports and more. With the ability to take any document offline users will still be able to access these files regardless of whether they are connected to the internet. 
  • Native Mobile App: The product’s mobile apps support Microsoft operating systems, iOS and Android.

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