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Why use Spitfire Software?

Key differentiators & advantages of Spitfire Software

  • Accuracy
    A project involves many people, many tasks, many details and many cost items. If you worry about details falling through the cracks or mistakes being made and you want to minimize your risks, the Spitfire Project Management System can help you. Spitfire keeps track of your projects and related financial information, and alerts you to potential problems before they happen.

  • Integration
    A typical project involves many software programs used by team members both inside and outside your organization. If you want a system that integrates both horizontally and vertically with other technology, the Spitfire Project Management System can help you. Spitfire was designed to work with the other software your team relies on, to increase efficiency.

  • Current Technology
    Flexible deployment and powerful integration go hand-in-hand with modern software architecture. If you are concerned that your current software is outdated and ineffective, the Spitfire Project Management System can put your mind at ease. Spitfire is constantly being updated to make use of newer technologies. Once you are on a maintenance agreement or subscription agreement, you will receive all updates and new versions free of charge.

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