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Why use RedTeam?

Key differentiators & advantages of RedTeam

  • Mobile Accessibility: Keeping project managers chained to a desk is highly inefficient. RedTeam’s features mobile access can be used via Android and iOS devices and allow managers and team members to access and share vital project information on the go. 
  • Control Your Project's Lifecycle: RedTeam gives project managers the ability to control an enterprise from pre-construction through every other portion of its lifecycle. Maintain control and a bird’s eye managers view to ensure the delivery of a successful final product. 
  • Leverage the Cloud: RedTeam’s construction management platform is cloud-based and comes with multiple advantages. Cut costs by not having to maintain it or pause productivity to apply updates. Team members can access project data from anywhere and can stay up to date with job site happenings.  
  • Better Compatability: This software solution is designed to integrate easily with accounting and reporting systems. Clients can hold onto their favorite financial systems without worrying about integration issues. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Communication keeps projects running smoothly and RedTeam provides a collaborative environment for discussion and information sharing. Work on designs as a team and sign off on edits before they are pushed through. 
  • Reduce Errors: RedTeam automates a number of financial processes that can normally generate issues due to human error. Reducing issues protects enterprises from possible risks, saves money and boosts customer satisfaction. 

Industry Expertise

RedTeam’s construction management platform is in use by any operations across the globe. Some of these operations include Clear Water Construction Services and BDM Construction.

Key Features

  • Change Orders: Create an easily referenced list of previously established prices for project change orders. Reduce confusion as to where project pricing is coming from and create organized change orders.  
  • Cost Plus Billing: Provide clear documentation of job costs that include employee expenses and subcontractor payment applications. As project donors request documentation for monthly billing, they can be supplied with a clear and concise report. 
  • Subcontractor Verification: RedTeam’s management platform can automatically verify important subcontractor credentials, including certificates of insurance. Managers can also run reports to identify any subcontractors whose credentials have expired. 
  • Integrations: RedTeam partners with a number of other enterprises in order to provide clients with more ways to streamline their operations. Integrations with Autodesk, PlanGrid, Levelset and DocuSign gives users multiple ways to optimize other project tasks. 
  • Punch Lists: As the project nears completion, RedTeam’s punch lists feature points out any final repairs that need to be completed before turning the project over to the client. Make last-minute safety checks and pass on a fully completed product to project owners. 
  • Daily Reports: Project members can turn in daily reports to project managers in order to maintain visibility throughout the enterprise. Daily reports keep everyone up to date and can identify issues before they become critical problems. 

RedTeam Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: RedTeam provides an email address that clients can use to discuss and solve any issues they encounter. Emails will be answered as quickly as possible.
phonePhone: Phone support is available during regular business hours.
schoolTraining: Training options are available in webinar form, live online courses, in-person classes and through viewable documentation. Clients can pursue training to expand their knowledge base on their own schedule or via classes taught by experts.
local_offerTickets: Tickets can be submitted via RedTeam’s website after logging in.

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