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Why use Projectmates?

Key differentiators & advantages of Projectmates

  • Accessible Dashboards: Projectmates includes a central dashboard where users can visualize project data and study real-time information presented in easily digestible graphics. 
  • Mobile Applications: Access all necessary project management data from anywhere at any time. Mobile apps allow you to work from the office or on the ground at the job site. 
  • Better Data Security: The Projectmates cloud-based deployment strategy keeps your data safe and available for recall at a moment’s notice. 
  • More Module and Reporting Choices: With over 40 different modules and 200 reports for project management, Projectmates lets you tackle an operation however you want with many customization options. 
  • Increased Error Prevention: This solution automates many intensive project tasks that would normally have to be taken care of by project employees. Automated tasks are far less prone to human error and can save your company large amounts of time and money down the line. 

Industry Expertise

Projectmates is used in over 300,000 construction projects and has been leveraged for operations in industries such as health care, education, government and retail.

Key Features

  • Scheduling Applications: Keeping track of milestones and making sure you’re hitting your deadlines is vital to any construction project. Projectmates features a scheduling tool to help distribute tasks, create timelines and verify that reminders are in place to ensure organized progression. 
  • Budget Management: Sync up estimated and anticipated project costs with your actual cost to track spending over a project’s life cycle. Automatically update project costs as purchase and change orders come in. 
  • Workflow Management: Projectmates provides a number of ways to automate communication and keep project tasks moving. Daily field reports keep managers in the know and able to plan ahead. Punch lists ensure that last minute repairs are taken care of and that the product is ready to be handed off to the project owner. 
  • Document Management: Do away with cluttered analog document storage and leverage Projectmates’ document management functions. Edit drawings and designs in a collaborative environment and track all critical project documents with ease. 
  • Capital Planning: Projectmates aids in creating and planning a Capital Improvement Plan. Users can prioritize projects based on criteria they set. Keep track of projects that are funded as well as multiple funding sources. 

Projectmates Suite Support

There are a number of ways to contact Projectmates support staff. A login is required for some of the more advanced features, but you can receive help if there is an issue.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email any questions or issues to a technician through Projectmates’ support email address.
phonePhone: Phone support is provided from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. CST on work days.
schoolTraining: Projectmates University provides webinar sessions and training courses for free to current users of the program. There is also an updated video library that lets users educate themselves on their schedule.
local_offerTickets: Questions can be submitted through Projectmates’ support website after logging in.

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