Benefits and Insights

Why use PASKR?

Key differentiators & advantages of PASKR

  • Stay Mobile: Users can input and access project-critical information from internet-enabled smart devices. Boost project efficiency by unchaining team members from their desks and letting them interact with data on-the-go. 
  • Quick Setup: Paskr provides a professional client experience team to get things running while answering any questions your teams have. 
  • Simplify Projects: Paskr simplifies the numerous steps involved in taking a project from bid to delivery so that teams can focus on more important tasks. Automation and accounting support take care of over 137 single tasks keeping teams busy. 
  • Come In Under Budget: The system simplifies and shortens the time needed to complete and submit change orders, submittals and RFIs so that your budget numbers are as accurate as possible. 
  • Fewer Errors: Remove manual duplicate data entry and reduce numbers associated with human data entry errors. Costly accounting errors can be found and corrected before causing costly damage down the line. 
  • Maintain Visibility: Paskr gives users a real-time look at actual vs. projected costs related to their projects. No guesswork involved, just a clear view of how your project is actively measuring up to projections. 

Industry Expertise

Paskr is in use by over 400,000 construction professionals with over 9,000 completed projects and over 4 billion dollars in project value. It saves users over an estimated 204 hours of valuable time per project.

Key Features

  • Planroom: Design, markup and annotate drawings and rooms designs. Upload them as multiple file sets for easy access and distribution to team members. 
  • Estimating: Leverage customizable estimating templates with simple spreadsheets layouts to create estimations that cover the unique requirements of an operation. Automate calculations from the estimation stage to official proposals. 
  • Contract Support: Included e-signature and notary tools paired with automatic contract development simplifies all contract-related tasks. Users can leverage included AIA contracts. 
  • Scheduling Tools: Paskr includes Gnatt chart scheduling that ties project field activities to schedules. This ensures that critical tasks are completed on time and no job goes overlooked.  
  • Change and Purchase Orders: Paskr lets users quickly create, send, track and log their purchase and change orders. Keep accounting ledgers updated automatically and verify change items as they come in. 
  • Reports: With over 70 out-of-the-box reports included, Paskr gives users real-time job cost reporting and a simple report submittal process. 
  • Billing Support: Included AIA billing applications, digital lien waivers, and customizable value schedules ensure that project financials are always up to date and organized. 

Paskr Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can submit questions to [email protected]
phonePhone: Phone questions can be directed to 1-(615)-212-3036 during normal business hours.
schoolTraining: There is an in-depth knowledge base available for users to self-research solutions. There is also a user forum where users can crowdsource questions from experienced customers. Training Certification is available in the form of two hour courses.
local_offerTickets: Tickets can be submitted through Paskr’s Contact form on their “Contact Paskr” page.

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