Benefits and Insights

Why use Maestro Cloud?

Key differentiators & advantages of Maestro Cloud

  • Reduced IT Costs: By using Maestro Cloud, users can cut off on IT management and maintenance costs rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment. The cloud deployment includes system upgrades as well as necessary new hardware and software costs and excludes expensive equipment purchases, wages for expert staff, energy consumption costs, etc.
  • Collaboration Efficiency: The cloud environment of Maestro provides businesses the ability to communicate and share more easily outside of the conventional techniques. Even if a project operates from different locations, Maestro Cloud facilitates collaboration by giving employees, contractors, and third parties, an access to the same files.
  • Mobility: Maestro cloud provides on-site workforce the ability to access the solution through mobile devices to manage time and attendance, daily entries, field service (Work Orders), Scheduling, and more. It helps lower the upfront costs, reduce dependency on IT staff and reduces company system management.
  • Real-time Communication: The Maestro Mobility module allows users to broadcast schedules by text or email, including Google Maps link to the project location so these links can help with the GPS coordinates. It also provides tools to manage employee timecards, check in/out dispatch on mobile, add comments /notes, dispatch dashboard to control incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Single Interface: Since the solution is based on a single platform, it manages a series of functionalities and integrated modules for all project management and accounting needs. This results in the elimination of multiple disparate systems and non-compatibility problems between systems, uniform appearance and usability of modules, reduced chaos and loss of time due to double entries.
  • Time-Clock: Maestro Cloud provides different electronic time-clock solutions which allows importing time directly into hours entry, making it immediately available for the payroll and project management modules. The electronic time clock interface can save time and improve accuracy by removing the manual entry of timesheets.

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